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Saison 1 Discuss
Episode 1
Date de diffusion
Août 20, 2016
The happy atmosphere of the freshmen orientation was quickly cut short after a group of 3rd year seniors led by Arthit barge in to explain its faculty rule and the SOTUS system. .. show full overview
Episode 2
Date de diffusion
Août 27, 2016
The sophomores and the 3rd year seniors gathered to discuss on how to further improve their relationship with the freshmen. Arthit and his gang challenged Kongpob, Em, Oak and Tew to a .. show full overview
Episode 3
Date de diffusion
Sept 03, 2016
Kongpob was punished by Arthit for being a hero after the former tried to replace the sophomore in the cheerleading. And quizzed Arthit on his true intentions on why he kept on punishing .. show full overview
Episode 4
Date de diffusion
Sept 10, 2016
Wad joins Em and Kongpob in the basketball competition after an altercation between him and Prem. Em finally has his personal time with May after May's face was stained with paint after .. show full overview
Episode 5
Date de diffusion
Sept 17, 2016
Praepailin wins the Popular Vote, while Kongpob became both the overall champion and the Popular Vote winner in the Mr & Miss Faculty competition, a first for the event since its .. show full overview
Episode 6
Date de diffusion
Sept 24, 2016
Kongpob bumped into Bem his sophomore senior at the library after the discussion between Oak, Em and Kongpob was cut short. During the night, Kongpob receives a phone call that Arthit is .. show full overview
Episode 7
Date de diffusion
Oct 01, 2016
During the dinner meet up with Bem and Arthit, Kongpob shared to the team that originally he wanted to study Economics, but somehow his mother asked him to study Engineering instead, .. show full overview
Episode 8
Date de diffusion
Oct 08, 2016
Wad tries to skip a ceremony, but was stopped by the seniors, Prem apologizes to Wad for being rude previously. The club advisor endorses the approval of the beach activity after Arthit .. show full overview
Episode 9
Date de diffusion
Nov 19, 2016
While at the beach, Kongpob gave Arthit his gear badge to take care, which sparked some anger from Arthit, Kongpob told Arthit to check with Dear what the meaning is, and also asked for .. show full overview
Episode 10
Date de diffusion
Nov 26, 2016
Arthit and Kong returned to the dorm after their first date, Kongpob forgot to return a document belonging to Arthit and called him, however the call was cut short when Kong heard there .. show full overview
Episode 11
Date de diffusion
Déc 03, 2016
Arthit started to ignore Kongpob, when the latter attempts to return the notes to him,, and Arthit was scolded by Knott for ignoring Kongpob. Namtarn meets up with Arthit for .. show full overview
Episode 12
Date de diffusion
Déc 10, 2016
At the library, Kongpob receives a call from P'Bem, when his mind is wavered, until Em wakes him up, after the call, Kongpob bumps onto Knott, then passed him Arthit notes. Preapailin, .. show full overview
Episode 13
Date de diffusion
Déc 17, 2016
Arthit and his group of hazers gathered at the library to revise for their exams, and discussed on how to get to Tum and Phone's wedding the next day. The next day, Knott picked Arthit .. show full overview
Episode 14
Date de diffusion
Déc 24, 2016
Special Chapter 1: While meeting at the school, Bright plan of letting the freshmen buying a gift was dashed as Prem reveals everything, and Arthit asked Kongpob out for a date. During .. show full overview
Episode 15
Date de diffusion
Jan 07, 2017
Special Chapter 2: 2 years ago, Arthit and his gang went for their first cheer activity, and was stunned by the attitude given by Tum, later Arthit was scolded by Tum to go bow a tree .. show full overview
1x16 Épisode final de la saison
Episode 16
Date de diffusion
Jan 14, 2017
Special Episode: This episode includes the casting process, and some uncut and never before seen scenes from the past 15 episodes.

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