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Saison 1
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Sept 24, 2018
Returning to New York from a family vacation in Jamaica, the Stone family is separated when adult siblings Michaela and Ben, along with Ben's gravely ill son Cal are bumped to a later .. show full overview
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 01, 2018
The passengers from Flight 828 find themselves under government scrutiny as they struggle to resume their lives. Michaela is forced to confront the fact that Jared is married to her .. show full overview
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 08, 2018
Ben and Michaela investigate a shocking murder in fear that it's connected to Flight 828. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to accept the life Grace led in his absence, while Olive and Cal .. show full overview
Unclaimed Baggage
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 15, 2018
When a mysterious message leads Saanvi to the flight attendant of 828, she enlists Ben's help in uncovering a secret about the plane. Meanwhile, Michaela begins to question the nature of .. show full overview
Connecting Flights
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Oct 22, 2018
Stories unfold for those left behind in the aftermath of Flight 828's disappearance. Meanwhile in the present, Cal takes Ben on a mysterious adventure that awakens Ben to his son's .. show full overview
Off Radar
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 05, 2018
When Cal wakes with a life-threatening fever, Grace worries it's a side-effect of his experimental cancer treatment, but Michaela and Ben suspect Cal's condition may be related to a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 12, 2018
With the detained passengers secretly moved and subjected to painful experimentation - and Cal's health directly linked to them - Ben takes advantage of an old friend to find out where .. show full overview
Point of No Return
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 19, 2018
Ben forms an unlikely partnership with Vance in a high-stakes race to locate the missing passengers of Flight 828. Meanwhile, Michaela helps a suicidal passenger who believes he is the .. show full overview
Dead Reckoning
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Nov 26, 2018
When Ben and Michaela put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive. The devastating result pushes .. show full overview
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Jan 07, 2019
Michaela's mystifying, next-level calling launches her on a mission that brings her relationship with Jared to a head. Determined to protect his family, Ben explores an alternate meaning .. show full overview
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Jan 14, 2019
Willing to follow any lead to keep his son safe from The Major, Ben heeds Cal's calling to help Captain Daly clear his name for what happened to Flight 828. The journey uncovers a .. show full overview
Vanishing Point
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Jan 21, 2019
When Cal is discovered missing from his bedroom, Grace and Ben launch a desperate search which takes them to the remote mountains of upstate New York. A tantalizing trail of breadcrumbs .. show full overview
Cleared for Approach
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Jan 28, 2019
Michaela uses her skills as a detective to find out more about Zeke, a hiker who disappeared for two years and may be one of them. Ben’s family is impacted as public disdain for the passengers of Flight 828 rises.
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Fév 04, 2019
When Saanvi goes missing, Ben suspects a fanatical group who have become obsessed with the passengers from Flight 828. Michaela must face the consequences of her reunion with Jared. Zeke returns to New York and has an ominous calling.
Hard Landing
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Fév 11, 2019
When Michaela meets the mysterious James Griffin during a police investigation, the passengers learn what happens when the callings fall in the wrong hands. Jared finds out about Zeke, setting him at odds with Michaela and her trust in the callings.
1x16 Épisode final de la saison
Estimated Time of Departure
Episode overview
Date de diffusion
Fév 18, 2019
Ben and Michaela must confront a dire threat to the passengers’ safety when Griffin schemes to take the callings public. Meanwhile, tensions between Jared and Zeke reach a boiling point, and Ben, Grace, and Olive make a devastating discovery.

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