Louie (2010)

  • Score 8.8
  • : Nov 2009
  • Épisodes: 61
  • Abonnés: 4157
  • Classement #183
  • Fini
  • FX
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Saison 2 Discuss
Date de diffusion
Jun 23, 2011
Louie's pregnant sister visits, and she needs to be taken to the hospital during the night as she is in pain. Upon hearing his sister screaming, Louie's two neighbors arrive. After some .. show full overview
Bummer / Blueberries
Date de diffusion
Jun 30, 2011
In the first part of the episode, Louie awkwardly scores a "non-date" with a young woman who has no real interest in him, but a shocking and violent encounter on his way to meet her for .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Juil 07, 2011
After a comment by his daughter, Louie has misgivings about continuing to stay in the apartment they lived in when he was married and begins house hunting. After seeing several .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Juil 14, 2011
After a disappointing experience trying to do a set at a casino lounge, Louie cancels his contract and wanders the casino floor. He ends up watching a section of Joan Rivers's set in the .. show full overview
Country Drive
Date de diffusion
Juil 21, 2011
Louie and his daughters take a long drive to visit Louie's great aunt Ellen out in rural Pennsylvania, where Louie mostly ignores his younger daughters' complaints of boredom and has a .. show full overview
Subway / Pamela
Date de diffusion
Juil 28, 2011
Louie starts his evening with a surreal trip on the NYC subway, where he witnesses a busker playing beautiful violin music while a filthy homeless man scrubs himself down with bottled .. show full overview
Oh Louie / Tickets
Date de diffusion
Août 04, 2011
The episode begins in a flashback with Louie filming the pilot for a sitcom. After complaining about the unrealistic dialogue and use of Bob Saget as the next door neighbor, Louie is .. show full overview
Come On, God
Date de diffusion
Août 11, 2011
The spokeswoman for a group called Christians Against Masturbation, Ellen Farber, and Louie have a debate about the morality of masturbation on a the FOX News program, Red Eye w/Greg .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Août 11, 2011
After a set, Louie is greeted by Eddie Mack, a fellow comedian who started his career the same time as Louie but has never found much success and lives in his broken-down car. He and .. show full overview
Halloween / Ellie
Date de diffusion
Août 18, 2011
Louie and his daughters go trick-or-treating on Halloween in New York City. As darkness falls, they are confronted by a pair of costumed punks. Louie's younger daughter Jane confronts .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Août 25, 2011
Louie unwillingly takes home Jane's class ducklings for the evening. The next morning he embarks on a 5-day USO tour in the Middle East, when unbeknownst to him, Lily had hidden one of .. show full overview
Date de diffusion
Sept 01, 2011
Louie waits at Grand Central Station to pick up his sister and niece for a visit. However, his sister surprises him by dumping the niece Amy on him and running off to catch a train to .. show full overview
2x13 Épisode final de la saison
New Jersey / Airport
Date de diffusion
Sept 08, 2011
Louie takes some bad advice from Steven Wright and winds up getting in a car with an attractive but somewhat creepy woman who takes him to New Jersey for a devil's three-way with her .. show full overview

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