I Hear Your Voice

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  • : Jun 2013
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I Hear Your Voice
Date de diffusion
Jun 05, 2013
Park Soo Ha met Jang Hye Sung when he was a child of eight when she stood witness to his father murder. He has been looking for her ever since then.
Bad Girl, Good Girl
Date de diffusion
Jun 06, 2013
Jang Hye Sung gets hired as a public defender. Her first case involves Park Soo Ha's classmate, Go Sung Bin.
I'll Be There
Date de diffusion
Jun 12, 2013
To find evidences of Sung Bin's innocence, Hye Sung and Gwan Woo visit Sung Bin's school dressed as high school students.
Remember Me In The Dark
Date de diffusion
Jun 13, 2013
Min Joon Gook is planning his revenge on Hye Sung. Meanwhile, Hye Sung and Gwan Woo both receive a case involving twin brothers.
Words that shouldn't be trusted
Date de diffusion
Jun 19, 2013
Hye Sung and Gwan Woo work together on the case involving the twins. Meanwhile, Min Joon Gook moves away.
Abandoned Alone By The Whole World
Date de diffusion
Jun 20, 2013
Soo Ha tells Hye Sung that the twins planned the murder, therefore Hye Sung agrees to help Do Hyun prove the twins are guilty.
Why an unhappy premonition is never wrong
Date de diffusion
Jun 26, 2013
Cha Gwan Woo tells Hye Sung that he likes her and that they should date.
For whom am I living?
Date de diffusion
Jun 27, 2013
Hye Sung's mother is murdered and Gwan Woo is assigned to Min Joon Gook's case.
If You Leave Me Too In Those Difficult Days
Date de diffusion
Juil 03, 2013
Unable to accept the verdict for Min Joon Gook's case, Soo Ha takes the matter into his own hands, but the consequences are far more severe than he or Hye Sung could have imagined.
What's the purpose of searching everywhere for a painful memory?
Date de diffusion
Juil 04, 2013
Hye Sung finally reunites with Soo Ha after a year of no contact, only to find him suspect to a murder and a with serious case of amnesia.
I'm Sorry, I Hate You
Date de diffusion
Juil 10, 2013
Hye Sung and Gwan Woo work together again to help with Park Soo Ha's case.
Memory's surprise attack
Date de diffusion
Juil 11, 2013
Do Hyun and Gwan Woo both find evidence that Min Joon Gook may still alive.
One Word in My Heart That I Just Can't Say
Date de diffusion
Juil 17, 2013
Soo Ha hides the fact that he remembers everything. Min Joon-gook appears to call Hye-sung's home phone to check if she still lives there.
Needing Always to Remain Silent In Memory
Date de diffusion
Juil 18, 2013
Hye Sung debates on whether to tell Do Hyun about her birth parents.
I'm not going to ruin anything
Date de diffusion
Juil 24, 2013
Do Yeon got confused about her real identity and in turns trying to find out the truth by herself.
The Thieving Magpie Overture
Date de diffusion
Juil 25, 2013
Case of Hwang Dal Joong takes turn in this episode where the decision whether he is guilty or not regarding the case of stabbing a ghost (his wife that was presumed dead).
Without Your Eyes, I Can't Even See in Front of Myself
Date de diffusion
Juil 31, 2013
Min Joon Gook lures Hye Sung into his trap by lying that he kidnapped Soo Ha.
1x18 Épisode final de la série
Through The Light in The Darkness, You Remain With Me
Date de diffusion
Août 01, 2013
Min Joon Gook promises to tell his whole story if Gwan Woo agrees to become his defense attorney again.

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