How the Universe Works

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Volcanoes - The Furnaces of Life
Date de diffusion
Juil 11, 2012
Scientists are discovering volcanoes on worlds we once thought dead. From our nearest planetary neighbour to tiny moons billions of miles away, today we are discovering volcanoes on alien worlds. Are these worlds where, tomorrow, we might find life?
The Winds of Creation
Date de diffusion
Juil 18, 2012
Destructive weather forces are symptoms of Earth's creative energy. In our quest to discover if we are alone in the universe, we shouldn't just look for worlds, we should look for weather; find that megastorm, and maybe we will find alien life.
Planets from Hell
Date de diffusion
Juil 25, 2012
Over the last twenty years we have discovered an extraordinary zoo of planetary nightmares outside our own solar system, all of them truly wild worlds, a collection of monsters. Now we .. show full overview
Megaflares - Cosmic Firestorms
Date de diffusion
Août 01, 2012
The Universe is a magnetic minefield. Spinning star systems crackle and explode, magnetic monsters rip worlds apart, star-quakes shoot beams of devastating energy, and galactic .. show full overview
Extreme Orbits - Clockwork and Creation
Date de diffusion
Août 08, 2012
We owe our existence to the stability of earth's orbit. But we are the freaks: everywhere else we look we find orbits are chaotic, unstable, and violent. Yet on the very largest scale, .. show full overview
Comets - Frozen Wanderers
Date de diffusion
Août 15, 2012
We follow the odyssey of a comet as it sails through space, watching every move as it evolves from a chunk of ice and rock into an active nucleus engulfed in a gaseous haze. What we .. show full overview
Asteroids - Worlds that Never Were
Date de diffusion
Août 22, 2012
From icy worlds with more fresh water than Earth to flying mountains of pure metal, asteroids shaped our past and promise much for the future. Could these enigmatic space rocks hold the key to how life in the Universe arises and is extinguished?
2x8 Épisode final de la saison
Birth of the Earth
Date de diffusion
Août 29, 2012
The Earth was formed by a series of cataclysms without which we would not exist. Could the same events have created other earth-like planets elsewhere in the Universe inhabited by creatures like us?

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