A Playthrough of a Certain Dude's VRMMO Life

  • Premiered: Oct 2023
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 10
  • Ended
  • BS11
  • Tuesday at 1
  • Action Adventure Animation Anime Comedy Fantasy


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Season 1
Earth Logs In
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 03, 2023
An ordinary Japanese dude logs into a brand-new VRMMORPG, ready to adventure in an exciting new world... as much as his work schedule allows!
Earth Joins His First Party
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 10, 2023
Earth joins Zwei and his Blue Color guildmates on their hunt for a Wild Bear. Later on everyone is stoked for the upcoming update known as "The Fairy Ball".
Earth, Fairy-playah?
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 17, 2023
Earth becomes an object of adoration for fairies everywhere, as the game gets another big update.
Earth Receives a Reward He's Not Sure He's Happy About
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 24, 2023
Silver informs Earth to be careful and avoid Glad, a former party member, who is targeting players with the "Fairy-playah" title. Earth then goes about working on upgrading his skills and crafting new items.
Earth Has a Big Battle With the Queen
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 31, 2023
After Earth meets the Fairy Queen, she rewards him for his efforts by... challenging him to a battle?!
Earth Gets Excited Over a New Dungeon
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 06, 2023
The latest patch brought with it a new dungeon, and Earth can't wait to play!
Earth Challenges a Boss
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 2023
Earth fights a powerful boss at the bottom of the game's new dungeon.
Earth Meets A Dragonian Girl
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 2023
Earth meets a bossy healer and a hungry dragonian girl, and the Fairy Queen has something to say to him.
Earth Goes to the Fairy Kingdom
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 2023
A new area has opened: the Fairy Kingdom! Earth travels there and is given a special welcome by the Fairy Queen.
Earth Gets a Partner
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 05, 2023
Earth partners with a fairy to save a girl who's gone missing.
Earth Finds a Baby Dragon
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 12, 2023
Earth finds a baby dragon, and also finds himself in big trouble when its parents come to reclaim it!
1x12 Season finale
Earth Gets Angry
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 19, 2023
After a green dragon pushes him too far, Earth has finally had enough.

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