The Universe

  • Premiered: May 2007
  • Episodes: 102
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  • Ended
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Season 7
How Big, How Far, How Fast
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 29, 2012
The biggest objects, farthest distances, and fastest speeds are made relatable through extreme physical analogies.
Alien Sounds
Episode overview
Air date
May 06, 2012
What does the Universe sound like? From the sweep of a pulsar, to the deafening roar of our boiling sun this episode explores the undiscovered soundscapes of the solar system, the .. show full overview
Our Place in the Milky Way
Episode overview
Air date
May 13, 2012
An exploration of Earth's cosmic neighborhood. Looking beyond the borders of our solar system, what's nearby in our galaxy? How do the other objects in our local area influence life on .. show full overview
7x4 Season finale
Deep Freeze
Episode overview
Air date
May 20, 2012
This episode discusses the coldest places in the universe from labs on earth to super cold places in our solar system, galaxy and beyond.
Microscopic Universe
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 03, 2012
The key to understanding the universe seems to be understanding its smallest components. But reconciling the two has proved to be a tremendous scientific challenges as the behavior in .. show full overview
Ride the Comet
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 10, 2012
Board a virtual space ship to travel along with a variety of comets; long and short period, sun grazers, comets masquerading as asteroids and comets still in deep freeze in the Oort .. show full overview
7x7 Season finale
When Space Changed History
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 17, 2012
It may seem like seem like science fiction, but the cosmos isn't just something way out there. Many times in human history, objects or forces from space have changed the course of life on earth.

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