The Thin Blue Line

  • Premiered: Nov 1995
  • Episodes: 14
  • Followers: 60
  • Ended
  • BBC One
  • Unknown
  • Comedy Crime


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Season 2
Court in the Act
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 14, 1996
Grim and Boyle enlist the help of Fowler and his officers to search the home of a suspected drug-dealer, and Goody finds the drugs in the kitchen. But the too-obvious location, Boyle's .. show full overview
Ism Ism Ism
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 21, 1996
Dawkins discovers circumstantial evidence of a domestically abused wife, Grim applies to join the Todgers, and Mayoress Christabel Wickham informs Fowler of the presence of an illegal .. show full overview
Fly on the Wall
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 28, 1996
Fowler receives a letter from the BBC, who then come and make a fly on the wall documentary about Gasforth Police Station. Unfortunately, Grim convinces the officers, sans Fowler, that .. show full overview
Alternative Culture
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 05, 1996
Constable Habib finds her younger sister holding drugs during a drug raid in a rave club, and hides the drugs to protect her, but she is discovered and charged for withholding evidence. .. show full overview
Come on You Blues
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 12, 1996
Gasforth Football Club is about to play Premiership team Chelsea, and Mayoress Wickham orders Fowler and his officers to personally see to it that nothing goes wrong in exchange for her .. show full overview
Road Rage
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 19, 1996
Sergeant Dawkins leaves for a break with some nature-loving activists, but during this time, they get into a feud with the police for their extreme methods, forcing Dawkins to choose between their arrogant leader, Stallion, or Fowler.
The Green Eyed Monster
Episode overview
Air date
Dec 23, 1996
Inspector Fowler proposes to Sergeant Dawkins so as to help his chances for promotion, but his lack of sensitivity during the proposal prompts her to leave him instead. Fowler tries to .. show full overview

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