The Lowe Files

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  • Premiered: Aug 2017
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Season 1
Haunted Boys' Reformatory
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 02, 2017
Rob and his sons visit Preston Castle, a condemned former boys' reformatory in Ione, CA, that was built in the late 1800s. Since closing in 1960, it has become a California Historical .. show full overview
The Secret Underwater Base
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 09, 2017
A bizarre geographic anomaly discovered off the coast of Malibu in the seventies has fascinated Rob since he was child. Believed by many to be an underwater alien base, the deep-sea .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 16, 2017
Rob, Matthew, and John Owen travel up to the Redwood Forest and visit the Hoopa Indian Reservation–a hotspot for Sasquatch sightings–with legendary Bigfoot hunter, Matt Moneymaker. Matt .. show full overview
Alien Abduction
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 23, 2017
Crop circles, abductions, saucers in the sky… Rob and the boys travel to Phoenix. AZ, noted UFO hotspot, to see if the truth REALLY is out there. Before venturing off the grid in .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 30, 2017
With Matthew stuck back at law school studying for an exam, Rob and John Owen trek up to Boise, Idaho to visit the haunted Old State Penitentiary – a grim site, notorious for its history .. show full overview
America's Secret Space Program
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 06, 2017
Rob, Matthew, and John Owen take a trip to the Dugway Proving Ground–a military testing base in the Utah countryside, considered by many to be the new Area 51. A history of strange .. show full overview
Mind Games
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 13, 2017
Can a father and his sons see one another, from miles apart, using only the power of their minds? Inspired by the movie "The Men Who Stare at Goats" about an actual unit of telekinetic .. show full overview
The Wood Apes
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 20, 2017
Rob, Matthew, and John Owen take their pursuit of Bigfoot to the Midwest, specifically the backwoods of Oklahoma where locals refer to the mythical creature by another name–the Wood Ape. .. show full overview
1x9 Show finale
It's About the Journey
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 27, 2017
After eight incredible weekends, Rob and the boys reflect on the adventure of a lifetime. From the paranormal to the extraterrestrial to mysteries, legend and lore. This experience has .. show full overview

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