Sister Wives

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Season 13 Discuss
Meri, On Her Own...
Air date
Jan 20, 2019
Meri's offer on the B&B is accepted! But she doesn't have enough cash for the down payment and asks the family for help. Kody steps up, but later, he realizes he doesn't have the money and reneges, leaving Meri to come up with the money on her own.
Sister Wife Secrets
Air date
Jan 27, 2019
Meri finds a way to buy the Bed & Breakfast she wants without Kody or her Sister Wives' help. Then, when Janelle hears that Meri closed on the B&B from a stranger on the street, this precipitates another confrontation.
Kody Wants Out
Air date
Feb 10, 2019
Mitch and Aspyn announce their engagement and the race is on to find a venue! Then, the whole family goes to Utah to help with the official opening of Meri's Bed & Breakfast. At the opening, Kody drops a hint of some MAJOR changes ahead.
Kody's Shocking Move
Air date
Feb 17, 2019
Aspyn goes wedding dress shopping, but after the fun, Kody drops a huge bombshell; with a weird whiteboard presentation, he tells his wives they need to sell their houses and move; Janelle digs in her heels and refuses to do this to her kids.
Mariah's Big Announcement, Part 1
Air date
Feb 24, 2019
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