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Season 2012 Discuss
Duct Tape Island
Air date
Mar 25, 2012
Adam and Jamie get abandoned on a Hawaiian island, armed with nothing but the sticky silver adhesive. Can they use it to source water, find food, build shelter, and even escape?
Fire vs Ice
Air date
Apr 01, 2012
Adam and Jamie tackle an internet sensation about an epic duel between a flamethrower and a CO2 fire extinguisher, while Kari, Grant and Tory test if you can spy drone with a dust cloud and pull off a kidnapping as seen in the movie Body of Lies.
Square Wheels
Air date
Apr 08, 2012
Adam and Jamie test whether, after a certain speed, the ride in a car with square wheels is just as smooth as with round ones, while in Date Night Car, Tory, Kari and Grant tackle a tandem driving myth from the movie Date Night.
Swinging Pirates
Air date
Apr 15, 2012
Adam and Jamie take a swing at a pirate movie myth while Kari, Tory and Grant roll out the barrel for a turbo-charged go-cart.
Battle of the Sexes
Air date
Apr 22, 2012
A battle of the sexes unfolds as the gang tests five gender-based clichés.
Driving in Heels
Air date
Apr 29, 2012
Spike heels and platforms may be the height of fashion, but does fancy footwear put you at risk on the road? Don't miss Jamie and Adam's attempt to find out. Then, in Super Glue Heroics, .. show full overview
Revenge of the Myth
Air date
May 06, 2012
The MythBusters take fan favorites to another level in the ultimate experimental ramp-up. With fireworks, excavators and exploding limousines, if you want spectacle, this show has it in spades!
Bouncing Bullet
Air date
May 13, 2012
Adam and Jamie take aim at a ricochet myth from the TV show Burn Notice while Kari, Tory and Grant test the Hollywood myth that if you jump when running away from an explosion, you can surf the shockwave.
Mailbag Special
Air date
May 20, 2012
This fan-correspondence catch-up includes both question-answering and taking mini-myth requests such as whether you can eat a spoonful of cinnamon without drinking water.
Bubble Pack Plunge
Air date
Jun 03, 2012
The Internet and Hollywood are put on the hot seat as Adam and Jamie test whether survival is possible if you jump from a building wrapped in bubble packaging, and Kari, Grant, and Tory experiment with a James Bond ejector seat.
Duel Dilemmas
Air date
Jun 10, 2012
Adam and Jamie test an old dueling myth - should you really never bring a knife to a gunfight? Kari, Grant, and Tory find out if a two stage missile known as the fire breathing dragon ever really existed.
Hollywood Gunslingers
Air date
Jun 17, 2012
Hollywood firearms fables; never-ending ammo; lethal nail guns; deadly silver bullets.
Jawsome Shark Special
Air date
Aug 13, 2012
Twenty-five shark myths are put to the test for Shark Week 2012.
Titanic Survival
Air date
Oct 07, 2012
James Cameron joins Adam and Jamie to try to answer the questions, did Jack (from Cameron's "Titanic") needlessly die? Is it possible that Rose and Jack could have both fit on the wooden board and survived together?
Trench Torpedo
Air date
Oct 14, 2012
The boys test whether a trench corner can slow down a shockwave and save a soldier.
Hail Hijinx
Air date
Oct 21, 2012
Adam and Jamie pick apart some rope bridge physics; giant hail vs. the hull of a fishing boat.
Fright Night
Air date
Oct 28, 2012
Adam and Jamie see if certain sound frequencies can convince people of paranormal activity; finding out if the smell of fear exists.
Mini Myth Medley
Air date
Nov 04, 2012
Viewer requested myths include an underwater bike ride, if you can know something "like the back of your hand", and the potty dance.
Cannonball Chemistry
Air date
Nov 11, 2012
Adam and Jamie test whether a mattress can really cushion a watery wipe out; Kari, Tory and Grant tackle a blast from the past as they test if cannonballs made of stone can really cause carnage.
Food Fables
Air date
Nov 18, 2012
Celebrity chef Alton Brown helps the team discover if it can cook lasagna in a dishwasher or a meal beneath the hood of a car.
2012x21 Season finale
Explosions A to Z
Air date
Nov 25, 2012
The team highlight some of the show's 752 detonations as they blast through the ultimate A-Z of explosions.

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