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Season 2008
James Bond Special: Part 1
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 16, 2008
There's so many myths on James Bond, it's 2 episodes long! Tonight its part 1 of James Bond Myths! In the 6th Season Premiere!
Lead Balloon
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 23, 2008
The MythBusters decide to sink a lead balloon in order to put that proverbial saying to the test. They also look into whether or not dynamite can be used to help create the right conditions for surfing.
Airplane on a Conveyor Belt
Episode overview
Air date
Jan 30, 2008
Can cockroaches survive a nuclear war? It has long been claimed, but Adam and Jamie decide to finally see whether or not this common claim is true. Later, they see whether or not an .. show full overview
James Bond Special: Part 2
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 06, 2008
More James Bond Myths Put to the test.
Viewers Special 2
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 13, 2008
Its finally here, Part 2 of your Viewer Suggested Myths! Can you slide down a steel cable with your jeans? Does eye black help athletes see? Can a spark follow a trail of gunpowder .. show full overview
MacGyver Myths
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 20, 2008
MacGyver has always been able to get out of sticky situations using the most unorthodox objects. In this episode, our very own quick thinking heroes put some of the most well known MacGyver strategies to the test.
Alaska Special
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 23, 2008
Adam and Jamie head to Alaska for some Bone Chilling Alaskan Style Myths!
Shark Week 2008
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 27, 2008
Can sharks detect a struggling fish? Do dogs attract sharks? Does chili powder repel sharks? If you play dead in the middle of a bunch of sharks, will they leave you alone? Do Spots of .. show full overview
Exploding Steak
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 06, 2008
The seventh season opens with fan requested myths, including whether steak can be tenderized with explosives and if driving while angry changes fuel consumption.
NASA Moon Landing
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 27, 2008
The Marshall Space Flight Center hosted the Mythbusters television show. The Mythbusters chose Marshall as one of several NASA locations for an episode to debunk the notion that NASA .. show full overview
Viral Hour
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 03, 2008
On this infectious episode of Mythbusters, we give internet 'viral videos' a timely check-up. They're exciting, funny, and sometimes barely credible. We can't wait to pass them on to our ten best friends, but can we truly believe everything we see?
Phone Book Friction
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 10, 2008
Adam and Jamie use a fan mail film to dial in on a phone book fable. Kari, Grant and Tory test a fishy tale of Hollywood pyrotechnics with their own big bang theories.
Water Stun Gun
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 17, 2008
On this episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie investigate a secret agent myth - that you can turn a conventional electric stun gun into a water-powered electric stun gun.
Blind Driving
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 08, 2008
On this episode of Mythbusters, there are 'fore' myths at which to swing and miss. And the four myths couldn't be more different.
Ninjas 2
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 15, 2008
Ninjas and Mythbusters go together like matches and gunpowder: a marriage made in heaven. Ninjas are steeped in mythology that they've been only too happy to circulate. It's time to separate fact from fiction in the Mythbusters Ninja special 2.
Alcohol Myths
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 22, 2008
On this episode of Mythbusters, Jamie, Adam and Kari apply some science to the theory that the more you drink, the more attractive you find the opposite sex. Does drinking alcohol .. show full overview
Motorcycle Flip
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 29, 2008
On this spectacular episode of Mythbusters Adam and Jamie raid the Ark-hives for an Indiana Jones movie myth... and Kari, Grant and Tory are breaking bad to test tall tales of breaking out of prison.
Coffin Punch
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 05, 2008
On this death-defying episode of MYTHBUSTERS, the whole team gets together to test myths about survival. Adam and Jamie return to one of the fans' favorite subjects -- what is bullet-proof?
End With A Bang
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 12, 2008
In this Idiom Special episode, the team joins forces to put sayings we all take for granted under the MYTHBUSTERS microscope, including: "You can’t polish poop", "Hit the Ground Running" and "Better to End with a Bang!"
2008x20 Season finale
Viewer Special Threequel
Episode overview
Air date
Nov 19, 2008
Could a torture technique consisting of growing a bamboo through a victim's body have worked? Does dropping alkali metals in a water-filled bathtub result in a huge explosion? Does .. show full overview

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