Music Girls

  • Premiered: Jul 2018
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 0
  • Ended
  • AT-X
  • Friday at 23
  • Animation


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Season 1
A One-in-a-Million Idol
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 06, 2018
Hanaka Yamadaki is obsessed with idols. C-Class girl group Ongaku Shoujo is trying (and failing) to make it big in the idol scene. When their manager discovers Hanaka and brings her to .. show full overview
Don`t Take Idols Lightly!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 13, 2018
Hanako moves into the dorms as staff support and immediately starts making suggestions-but while she bonds with some of the girls, not everyone is so happy she's there.
Idols, Heart, Resonance!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 20, 2018
Hanako is trying her best to befriend quiet, aloof Hiyo-but she's a tough nut to crack, constantly plugged into her headphones. Things only get more complicated when Hiyo threatens not to take part in the group's new song.
Naked Idols!
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 27, 2018
A booking snafu leaves the music girls without a stylist an hour before their big photoshoot-and most of them are clueless about makeup.
An Idol's Recipe
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 03, 2018
The Music Girls have a huge photo shoot and interview for an idol magazine-but the director wants them to act like something they're not.
Meat and Idols
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 10, 2018
Miku struggles to buy fried chicken and the girls' new song with a famous songwriter is delayed.
Put Idols' Tears on an Airplane...
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 17, 2018
The girls head to a deserted island for a survival photo shoot, but things heat up when one of the photographers turns out to be a boy from Kotoko's past.
Can't Stop the IDOLs
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 24, 2018
Tensions rise between the girls as the threat of disbandment over a dating scandal looms.
Being An Idol Is Not Easy
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 31, 2018
Now that they're finally blowing up in popularity, the Music Girls are appearing on their first variety show. Will it be a big hit or a major flop?
A Song, A Young Girl, & An Idol
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 07, 2018
Uori struggles with vocal rest while getting over her illness; Sasame's pet Var leads her to make an unexpected friend.
The Ultimate Idol
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 14, 2018
This episode has no summary.
1x12 Show finale
Shining Piece
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 21, 2018
It's the Music Girls' first stage at the Summer Melody festival, but if they don't fill the audience with 10,000 people they risk losing their status as idols.

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