Little Women: NY

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  • Premiered: Mar 2015
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Season 2 Discuss
New Roommates, New Drama
Air date
May 04, 2016
While Jason surprises everyone with his new love interest, one of the girls has news of her own--she's pregnant! Jazmin's husband makes an announcement that starts a family feud, and a surprise guest sends Lila over the edge.
Agree to Disagree
Air date
May 11, 2016
A night of belly dancing gets heated when Jazmin confronts Dawn about being a disappointing sister-in-law. Meanwhile, one of the girl's receives shocking news about her baby.
Into the Wild
Air date
May 18, 2016
As the rift between Dawn and Jazmin widens, Jason tries to plan a peaceful weekend away for the group that quickly blows up in his face. A secret is revealed that rocks the group and puts someone in danger.
A Rough Patch
Air date
May 25, 2016
The group finally meets Katie's boyfriend PJ but when they share their concerns about the health of Katie and her baby, drama erupts during a visit to a pumpkin patch.
Jason Gets His Groove Back
Air date
May 25, 2016
When Dawn and David dig up the past, things get explosive. Meanwhile, Jason has a confession to make to DJ, and an unwelcome guest crashes Katie's baby shower.
It's Go Time
Air date
Jun 08, 2016
The pressure is on when DJ asks Jason to move in with him. Meanwhile Dawn learns more about Lila's scandalous love life. When Lila and Dawn confront Katie about PJ, they could never have imagined what would happen next.
The Newest Little Person
Air date
Jun 15, 2016
Baby Kinzley has finally arrived! Meanwhile, Dawn reveals one of Lila's deepest secrets to the others behind her back, and Jazmin makes one of the toughest decisions of her life.

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