I Dream of Jeannie

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  • Premiered: Sep 1965
  • Episodes: 139
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Season 1 Discuss
The Lady in the Bottle
Air date
Sep 18, 1965
When the rocket launch for a space mission goes awry, its astronaut, Captain Anthony Nelson, finds himself stranded on a desert island. There, he finds a beautiful antique bottle lying .. show full overview
My Hero?
Air date
Sep 25, 1965
Jeannie blinks Captain Nelson to ancient Persia, where he avenges Jeannie's honor against Ali, the Killer of Giants. Meanwhile, Jeannie visits her parents and happily announces that she .. show full overview
Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?
Air date
Oct 02, 1965
Tony is on a survival mission with Roger when Jeannie seems to have followed him. She then proceeds to help him in every way possible by giving him food, shelter, and finally transportation while Roger suffers in the hot, sweltering desert.
Jeannie and the Marriage Caper
Air date
Oct 09, 1965
General Stone is leaving the U.S. Air Force to accept an ambassadorship overseas. He offers Tony the opportunity to come along and be his Military Attache. General Stone's daughter, .. show full overview
G.I. Jeannie
Air date
Oct 16, 1965
Jeannie joins the WAAF's in hopes of becoming Tony's secretary, but things dont turn out as planned.
The Yacht Murder Case
Air date
Oct 23, 1965
Onboard a yacht for an important meeting, Tony is followed by Jeannie. With witnesses around Tony argues with Jeannie and tells her to go home. When she does dissappear, they think Tony has killed her (since she cant be found) and put him in jail.
Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?
Air date
Oct 30, 1965
At Cape Kennedy America's three man astronaut team is preparing to take an historical walk into outerspace. The team consists of Captain Tony Nelson, Captain Roger Healey and Lt. Geroge .. show full overview
The Americanization of Jeannie
Air date
Nov 06, 1965
Jeannie reads about how to be an American woman in a magazine and takes after it in order to please Tony.
The Moving Finger
Air date
Nov 13, 1965
Jeannie becomes jealous of Tony because he goes out to dinner with a famous movie star. Jeannie then wants to become a moviestar herself to get Tony's attention only she ends up coming .. show full overview
Djinn and Water
Air date
Nov 20, 1965
One of Jeannie's great grandfathers (Bilejik) is summoned back by Jeannie in hopes of aiding Tony in making fresh water out of salt water.
Whatever Became of Baby Custer?
Air date
Nov 27, 1965
An 8-year-old boy, Custer, idolizes Tony. One day when making an unannounced visit, Custer sees Jeannie's magic at work. The little boy blabs almost immediately. Dr. Bellows learns about .. show full overview
Where'd You Go-Go?
Air date
Dec 04, 1965
Diane, an old girlfriend of Tony's, comes into town and invites him to pick up where they left off, making Jeannie jealous. Meanwhile, Tony's best friend, Roger Healey, who still .. show full overview
Russian Roulette
Air date
Dec 11, 1965
Roger Healey is in love and is still searching for his missing Dream Girl, Jeannie, complete with an engagement ring in tow. Meanwhile, he and Tony are ordered by their superiors to .. show full overview
What House Across the Street?
Air date
Dec 18, 1965
Jeannie continues to bring up the idea of marriage to Tony, who still refuses to marry her. She asks her mother for advice and together they come up with a plan to make Tony jealous: .. show full overview
Too Many Tonys
Air date
Dec 25, 1965
Jeannie blinks up another Tony that by which is more romantic and worships the ground Jeannie walks on.
Get Me to Mecca on Time
Air date
Jan 08, 1966
When it is discovered that it is the day of the ramda, Jeannie says that Tony and her must make a trip to Mecca and cite the sacred words or else Jeannie will lose her powers forever and go into limbo.
The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World
Air date
Jan 15, 1966
Roger finally discovers the truth about Jeannie and takes control of the bottle without Tony's permission. He then uses Jeannie for his own greedy purposes.
Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?
Air date
Jan 22, 1966
Roger has run Jeannie ragged with his whims. But angering Tony (because he exhauses Jeannie) is the least of his concerns. Seems one night he's kept Dr. Bellows' niece out on a hot date .. show full overview
Never Try to Outsmart a Genie
Air date
Jan 29, 1966
Tony has to go on a three-week trip to Rome (which involves an ocean cruise to Europe) for business. Jeannie begs her master to let her come along, but Tony knows she'll only be in the .. show full overview
My Master, the Doctor
Air date
Feb 05, 1966
When Tony mentions to Jeannie that his childhood dream was to become a surgeon, she blinks him right into the operating room where Roger is to have his appendix removed. Dr. Bellows .. show full overview
Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper
Air date
Feb 12, 1966
Tony, frustrated over Jeannie's constant use of magic to help around the house, makes her swear not to help him out anymore under any circumstances. Jeannie agrees, but it's bad timing. .. show full overview
How Lucky Can You Get?
Air date
Feb 19, 1966
Following Tony and Roger's promotion to major, the general sends them to Reno, Nevada to relax a few days before going to a base there. Meanwhile, all thats on Roger's mind is gambling .. show full overview
Watch the Birdie
Air date
Feb 26, 1966
Tony goes to drop off a few papers to General Peterson when he gives a try at a few swings of golf. He of course is horrible and cant even hit the ball, but at a second try Jeannie makes .. show full overview
The Permanent House Guest
Air date
Mar 05, 1966
When Dr. Bellows makes a stop at Tony's house, he sees an elephant in Tony's bedroom. He then calls General Peterson and when they both go over there they see nothing and of course .. show full overview
Bigger Than a Bread Box and Better Than a Genie
Air date
Mar 12, 1966
Tony is skeptical about a fortune teller roger has been seeing in the apartment next to his and goes to investigate. Once he thinks he has the fortune teller figured out, he goes to a .. show full overview
My Master, the Great Rembrandt
Air date
Mar 19, 1966
For NASA charity auction, Tony paints a copy of Rembrandt's famous 1658 self portrait. He uses his own signature to denote it was a copy and not the authentic article. Jeannie sees her .. show full overview
My Master, the Thief
Air date
Apr 02, 1966
While on a trip to the museum, Jeannie spots a pair of antique slippers that she believes belonged to her over 2000 years past. She blinks them out of the glass case and on to her feet and Tony is left in trouble.
This is Murder
Air date
Apr 09, 1966
When its discovered a princess is coming to Cocoa Beach to visit NASA, Tony is chosen to escort her for 3 days. At the same time, Jeannie sees a picture of her and realizes that she is .. show full overview
My Master, the Magician
Air date
Apr 23, 1966
When Dr. Bellows spots Tony floating in his chair in his living room, he has no choice but to explain it by saying he is an amateur magician and that was one of his tricks. Dr. Bellows .. show full overview
1x30 Season finale
I'll Never Forget What's Her Name
Air date
May 07, 1966
Tony suffers amnesia from a vase falling on his head, and, seeing Jeannie, instantly falls in love with her. He declares his love and insists they get married. Jeannie, confused but .. show full overview

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