BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

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  • Premiered: Jan 2020
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Season 1 Discuss
Defense and First Battle
Air date
Jan 08, 2020
Convinced by her friend Risa to try "NewWorld Online", Kaede begins her VRMMO adventure by going all-in on defense because she doesn't want to get hurt.
Defense and Friends
Air date
Jan 15, 2020
Maple enters a battle royal and is hunted down by a horde of players. Risa uses her swimming talent to explore an underwater cave with her character Sally.
Defense and Reaching Second Level
Air date
Jan 22, 2020
After Maple gets nerfed, her and Sally do some exploring before challenging the dungeon that leads to the second level. Can they clear it in time for the second event?
Defense and Second Event
Air date
Jan 29, 2020
Though Maple and Sally get off to a clumsy start in the second event, their tenacity and teamwork is rewarded in more ways than one.
Defense and Spoils of War
Air date
Feb 05, 2020
Maple and Sally make new friends and fall into more trouble as the second event winds down. But to reach their goal of 20 medals, they may have to resort to PvP.
Defense and Reinforcements
Air date
Feb 12, 2020
Maple leaps at the chance to create a guild and searches for a place to call home. But to compete in the upcoming event, they'll need to recruit more help.
Defense and Upgrades
Air date
Feb 19, 2020
Everyone in the guild is hard at work leveling up and preparing for what's to come. Maple manages to "cheese" her way through a quest to help a sick NPC.
Defense and Third Event
Air date
Feb 26, 2020
The third event is packed with people making it hard to compete for cowbells. Following the event, Maple gets into gear to explore new content on the third level.
Defense and Fourth Event
Air date
Mar 04, 2020
Guilds prepare for all-out war as the big competition finally begins. But sneaky Sally has some tricks up her sleeve that hopefully gives them the upper hand.
Defense and Attack
Air date
Mar 11, 2020
Sally faces certain death and there's trouble back at the base. Despite having a good start, if the guild hopes to place top ten, Maple Tree must go on the attack.
Defense and Mighty Foe
Air date
Mar 18, 2020
Maple Tree is vastly outnumbered and struggles to stay on the board. As guilds get wiped out left and right, they must face a mighty foe that may be their undoing.
Defense and Bonds
Air date
Mar 25, 2020
Maple may have maxed out her defense, but can she protect her friends and base from a legendary player? This time, Maple may have met her match.

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