Final Space

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  • Premiered: Apr 2016
  • Episodes: 23
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Season 2
The Toro Regatta
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 24, 2019
Gary is rescued from the wreckage of space then must earn his freedom by winning the deadliest race in the galaxy.
The Happy Place
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 01, 2019
The crew gets trapped in a happy ship where things aren't what they seem; Gary must confront the human cost of having lost earth.
The Grand Surrender
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 08, 2019
The search for a dimensional key leads the Crimson Light to Ash's home planet; HUE hosts a bachelor party for an unexpected visitor.
The Other Side
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 15, 2019
A collision with space time traps half of the Crimson Light in a perilous other dimension.
The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 22, 2019
Gary reconnects with the mother who abandoned him; Mooncake misses Gary's attention.
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 29, 2019
When Mooncake is mysteriously taken from the Crimson Light, the crew must find him in the nether reaches of space; Tribore rebuilds the resistance.
The First Times They Met
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 05, 2019
Nightfall attempts to bring the past back to life, leaving the crew powerless against a pack of evil KVNs.
The Remembered
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 12, 2019
An unexpected trip through time provides a unique opportunity for the crew.
The Closer You Get
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 19, 2019
Gary discovers a way he may be able to communicate with Quinn; Tribore reconnects with a resistance fighter who has an ulterior motive.
The Lost Spy
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 26, 2019
Gary and crew search Galang 22 for Little Cato; Clarence, Fox and Ash pull off their greatest con; Sheryl's secrets come out.
The Set Up
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 09, 2019
An act of betrayal shakes the crew; Hue and Mooncake have a day out for themselves.
Descent Into Darkness
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 16, 2019
The search for the stolen dimensional keys leads the crew to a planet being sucked into the Dark Zone; Hue and Ava get closer.
The Sixth Key
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 23, 2019
With the dimensional keys recovered, the crew travel to Inner Space where they finally try to free Bolo.

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