• Premiered: Sep 2020
  • Episodes: 6
  • Followers: 13
  • Ended
  • EPIX
  • Monday at 22
  • Documentary History Mini-series


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Season 1
Cultures Left Behind
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 14, 2020
Episode 1 launches the epic story of the transatlantic slave trade. Divers from Diving With a Purpose go in search of sunken slave ships. Hollywood icon Samuel L. Jackson goes on a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 21, 2020
Samuel L. Jackson recruits two award-winning journalists to go on a mission to understand the process that led Europeans to see slavery as profitable, rational and justified. Diving With a Purpose divers locate the earliest slave wreck ever found.
Follow the Money
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 28, 2020
Shot on location in Suriname, Brazil, Portugal and the UK, the team investigate the economics of the slave trade, while searching for a sunken slave ship that represents the single greatest loss of life during the entire slave trade.
New World Cultures
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 05, 2020
Samuel L. Jackson visits the only African town established in America. The Diving With A Purpose divers help youths in Costa Rica discover their African heritage, by diving and identifying a sunken slave ship off their coast.
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 12, 2020
This episode investigates African resistance to slavery in Africa and the “Underground Railroad.” The Diving With a Purpose divers embark on an investigation to positively identify a preserved wreck that ferried African Americans to freedom.
1x6 Show finale
Episode overview
Air date
Oct 19, 2020
The final episode explores the politics that brought the enslavement of Africans in the West to an end. Diving with a Purpose divers search for “The London,” a ship that re-enslaved .. show full overview

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