Cells at Work!

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  • Premiered: Jul 2018
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Season 1 Discuss
Air date
Jul 08, 2018
This is a story that happens inside a human body. One day, as a Red Blood Cell is delivering oxygen and carbon dioxide, she is assaulted by Pneumococci and rescued by a White Blood Cell. .. show full overview
Scrape Wound
Air date
Jul 15, 2018
Things have been peaceful for Red Blood Cell when suddenly an abrasion occurs before her eyes. The White Blood Cells (Neutrophils) arrive to battle the bacteria and viruses invading .. show full overview
Air date
Jul 22, 2018
Naive T Cell is patrolling the body for influenza virus proliferation. But since he’s never taken on the enemy before, he’s completely terrified and useless. He finally ends up fleeing .. show full overview
Food Poisoning
Air date
Jul 29, 2018
Bacteria appear near the stomach. White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) is on the scene at once. There, he finds Eosinophil, another type of White Blood Cell, already in battle, but she’s .. show full overview
Cedar Pollen Allergies
Air date
Aug 05, 2018
The body has been invaded by a mass of cedar pollen! Rushing to the scene so that he can eliminate the cedar pollen, White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) runs into Memory Cell. Memory Cell is a .. show full overview
Erythroblasts and Myelocytes
Air date
Aug 12, 2018
Let me become a great red blood cell one day... This is the story of Red Blood Cell before she became Red Blood Cell, when she was a young Erythroblast. The Erythroblasts are training .. show full overview
Cancer Cells
Air date
Aug 19, 2018
The enemy disguising himself as a common cell has revealed his true identity. He is Cancer Cell. To protect this world, White Blood Cell (Neutrophil), Killer T Cell, and NK Cell must now confront the attacking Cancer Cell in battle.
Blood Circulation
Air date
Aug 26, 2018
Delivering carbon dioxide to the lungs, and bringing oxygen to cells throughout the body... That’s Red Blood Cell’s important task. Though she’s still directionally-challenged and always .. show full overview
Air date
Sep 02, 2018
In the middle of a drill, Killer T Cell tosses a subordinate right into Helper T Cell’s office. The two polar opposites start arguing. According to Dendritic Cell, although they play .. show full overview
Staphylococcus Aureus
Air date
Sep 09, 2018
Red Blood Cell is being chased by a germ! The one to come to the rescue is a masked Monocyte. Apparently, they are also part of the White Blood Cell family and a type of Immune Cell. .. show full overview
Heat Stroke
Air date
Sep 16, 2018
The world (body) is engulfed in sweltering heat. Even after triggering sweat, the body can't be cooled down. Abnormal increased vascular flow, soaring fever... That's right, the body is .. show full overview
Hemorrhagic Shock (1)
Air date
Sep 23, 2018
Red Blood Cell has been assigned to train a rookie Red Blood Cell! She resolves to “show her what a dependable senpai I am!” But she keeps losing her way, and getting yelled at by other .. show full overview
Hemorrhagic Shock (2)
Air date
Sep 30, 2018
"We have detected life-threatening damage!" Hearing of this emergency, White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) rushes to the blast area. But there, he finds no traces of the blood cells he's .. show full overview

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