Below Deck Sailing Yacht

  • Premiered: Feb 2020
  • Episodes: 53
  • Followers: 119
  • Running
  • Bravo
  • Monday at 20
  • Reality


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Season 3
Tom Foolery
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 21, 2022
Captain Glenn is back on board Parsifal III, sailing the Balearic Island of Menorca with some familiar faces -- Daisy, Gary, and Colin; new to the team, Chef Marcos knows he has to make this season memorable for the guests.
Age-Old Problems
Episode overview
Air date
Feb 28, 2022
Parsifal III's new crew figures out how to work together to execute a successful first charter; Marcos works tirelessly to satiate the massive appetites of the charter guests; Gabriela aims to prove she deserves the second stew title.
Omelette You Finish But…
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 07, 2022
A hungover crew prepare for the second charter of the season; tensions come to a head when Gabriela and Ashley can't agree on who's in charge; the high demands of a group of returning charter guests leave chef Marcos and Daisy feeling lost at sea.
Oopsie Daisy
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 14, 2022
Demanding charter guests continue to keep the crew on their toes; chef Marcos injures himself while trying to prepare the most bizarre dinner of his career; Capt. Glenn looks into the costly damage to the yacht.
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 21, 2022
While the sexual chemistry heats up on the boat, Ashley and Gabriela's tension continues; Marcos takes note of the competition unfolding between the junior stews and alerts Daisy; Tom gets some devastating news from home.
Yacht on the Rocks
Episode overview
Air date
Mar 28, 2022
Parsifal III hits aground under Tom's watch, sending the boat into total chaos; the crew pulls it together for the guests' departure, but Tom's actions put Glenn and the deck team in a difficult situation.
Strip for the Tip
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 04, 2022
Tom continues to spiral over his mistakes while juggling devastating news from back home; Capt. Glenn contemplates whether he can trust Tom; the Parsifal III crew pull together a talentless talent show for the energetic charter guests.
Big Fender Energy
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 11, 2022
The conflict between Gary and Daisy further escalates following their disagreement about their departments. Between the massive new fenders and being a man down, it takes the whole crew to manage a chaotic docking.
Tensions High, Patience Low
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 18, 2022
Tensions rise on the boat for both the interior and deck crew; Gary's finger gets stuck in the main saloon doors causing so much pain that his patience with Kelsie is obsolete; Kelsie tries to keep her head above water with the new graveyard shift.
Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode overview
Air date
Apr 25, 2022
After getting vulnerable with Daisy, Gabriela wants to try to turn things around on the upcoming day off for the crew; Ashley goes full steam ahead in her pursuit for Gary; Marcos and Gabriela bump heads again.
Paging Dr. Nipples
Episode overview
Air date
May 09, 2022
Gary jumps to the rescue as an empty neighbouring boat drags into another boat nearby; Marcos shines again as he caters to the demanding guests with ease, but his crew worries that he's burning himself out.
New Girl Aboard
Episode overview
Air date
May 16, 2022
Daisy is brought to her breaking point as the demanding guests continue to challenge the Parsifal III crew with their incessant requests. The arrival of a new stew puts smiles on .. show full overview
Budding Boatmance
Episode overview
Air date
May 23, 2022
After campaigning for a promotion, Ashley is sorely disappointed to be given the title Junior Stew, making her and Scarlett equals; Gary is back to his flirtatious ways as he distracts Scarlett to the ire of both Ashley and Daisy.
Episode overview
Air date
May 30, 2022
After ending another charter on a high note, the crew are raring to go for a night on the town; Ashley swears she'll stay out of Gary's and Scarlett's boatmance.
Salty Seamen
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 06, 2022
Chef Marcos attempts to power through another stellar dinner while dealing with some devastating news; the weather conditions intensify, forcing the deck crew to attempt to avoid another running-aground scenario.
Parsifal’s First Wedding
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 13, 2022
Reeling from the news that Parsifal III has a last-minute charter with the hardest preference sheet of the season, the crew try to enjoy their night off. A wild night leads to massive .. show full overview
All Roads Lead to Gaisy
Episode overview
Air date
Jun 20, 2022
As the guests return from the wedding ceremony, the crew tries to cap off a great season with the perfect reception dinner. While Marcos strives to wow the guests with his best meal yet, .. show full overview

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