Seven Senses of the Re'Union

  • Premiered: Jul 2018
  • Episodes: 12
  • Followers: 8
  • Ended
  • TBS (JP)
  • Friday at 2
  • Action Adventure Animation Fantasy Science-fiction


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Season 1
Reunion and Restart
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 06, 2018
In the online RPG "Union" was Subaru, a party of grade school players. One day, two of its members Asahi and Haruto exchanged a promise and a ring. But Asahi sacrificed herself to .. show full overview
Untold Feelings
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 13, 2018
Haruto is shocked by Asahi's sudden appearance in Re'Union six years after her death. Asahi acts as if nothing has happened, although she's unable to log out from the game. Players have .. show full overview
The Promise
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 20, 2018
Having reunited with Asahi in Re'Union, Satsuki asks Asahi to stay away from Haruto for his sake. However, Satsuki realizes that she was jealous of Asahi after witnessing her share a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Air date
Jul 27, 2018
The three Subaru members defeat the boss Purgatorio responsible for Asahi's game over. Upon his defeat, they see mysterious images inside their heads, and Asahi suspects they are her .. show full overview
Swirling Conspiracy
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 03, 2018
After telling Haruto that he didn't have the right to protect Asahi, Takanori used his Divine Sense to teleport Haruto and himself to the Monochrome world. Takanori and Haruto butt .. show full overview
The Lion and the Dragon Unite
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 09, 2018
The elite guilds Southern Cross and the Brill Society capture Asahi after Takanori falls for their ruse. In order to save Asahi, Haruto goes up against thousands of enemies alone, but .. show full overview
Seeking the Sword
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 16, 2018
Haruto hears a rumor about an unbreakable sword thrust into the bottom of the sea, and heads out to sea on Captain Alwida's ship. Haruto finds his old pal Pleiades at the bottom of the .. show full overview
Future Choice
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 23, 2018
Haruto wakes up to the sound of a beeping EKG to find Asahi standing over him. "I'd be surprised if I were you, too. You've been asleep for six years," says Asahi, who came with Satsuki .. show full overview
The Chance Meeting of the Stars
Episode overview
Air date
Aug 30, 2018
In Re'Union, Haruto retakes possession of Pleiades, which holds the power of the members of Subaru. Clive received a request for help from Elicia, and tells everyone that Elicia says .. show full overview
The Girl Who Disappeared
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 07, 2018
After getting rejected by Haruto, Satsuki tries to sort out her feelings and reminds herself they're still childhood friends. Meanwhile, Takanori tells them that Nozomi has gone missing .. show full overview
Creeping Nightmare
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 14, 2018
Haruto, Satsuki, and Takanori meet up in real life to discuss how to rescue Nozomi. However, they suddenly find themselves caught up in a strange phenomenon, when a mysterious man .. show full overview
1x12 Show finale
The New Legend
Episode overview
Air date
Sep 21, 2018
The sound of a gunshot rings throughout the Tower of the White Water Spirit. Satsuki and Clive watch as Haruto falls to the ground with blood dripping from his chest, while Asahi stands .. show full overview

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