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Season 2
Into the Fire
Episode overview
Okt 18, 2006
Fifteen new contestants are introduced for Top Chef's second season in Los Angeles by new host Padma Lakshmi. Guest Judge: Harold Dieterle. QuickFire Challenge: Create a Dish Using .. show full overview
Eastern Promise
Episode overview
Okt 25, 2006
An Asian culinary theme runs through this episode's challenges. First the contestants put their own twists on sushi, then they work as teams to participate in a charity event. Guest .. show full overview
Food for the People
Episode overview
Nov 01, 2006
The 13 remaining contestants are asked to make food for everyday people: beach goers and firemen. Guest Judge: Stephen Bulgarelli. QuickFire Challenge: Create an Original Ice Cream .. show full overview
Less is More
Episode overview
Nov 08, 2006
Attention to detail will be rated during this round. The chefs are asked to create a tidbit from not so tidbit-y choices, and then must serve a meal to kids at a fitness camp. Guest .. show full overview
Social Service
Episode overview
Nov 15, 2006
This round is all about leftovers and the chefs’ ability to be creative with difficult ingredients. They must make fine cuisine from truly disgusting fare, and then create a multi-course .. show full overview
Episode overview
Nov 22, 2006
Taking the traditional and turning it on its ear is tonight's theme. The chefs are asked to make canned food pretty, and then a smaller group must make a "cutting edge" Thanksgiving .. show full overview
The Raw and the Cooked
Episode overview
Dec 06, 2006
This round's theme is all about working with limitations. The contestants must create a dish that is not cooked, and then adapt when they're asked to plan a dish without knowing the .. show full overview
Holiday Spirit
Episode overview
Dec 13, 2006
It's all a party when the contestants are asked to put their skills to work on both hors d'oeuvres and spirits. This round focuses on entertaining as the chefs are first asked to create .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jan 03, 2007
Tonight's theme focuses on the chefs' creativity in using food as an expression of art. They first must create a dish using one color – a hard task for the color-blind chef, then the .. show full overview
Unhappy Customers
Episode overview
Jan 10, 2007
This round's theme deals with vision and execution, challenging the chefs' to create original ideas that can also be achieved. First up is snack food limited by three condiments, then on .. show full overview
Sense and Sensuality
Episode overview
Jan 17, 2007
The sensuality of food runs through this round's challenges as the five remaining chefs are asked to determine what they want the diner to experience and then create a dish that carries .. show full overview
Finale (1)
Episode overview
Jan 24, 2007
Location, location, location! The remaining chefs travel to Hawaii for this round, and must use food native to the island for a luau that ends with naming the final contestants. Guest .. show full overview
2x13 Sæsonafslutning
Finale (2)
Episode overview
Jan 31, 2007
The final two contestants battle for the title of "Top Chef." Guest Judge: Hubert Keller Final Challenge: Cook the Best Five Course Meal Each Chef has Ever Prepared in his Life.

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