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  • Premieret: Mar 2006
  • Episodes: 272
  • Followers: 1157
  • Rank #547
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  • Bravo
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Season 1
Who Deserves To Be Here
Episode overview
Mar 08, 2006
In the first episode of the series we meet the 12 contestants. For the quickfire challenge they are tested in Fleur de Lys (a San Fransisco restaurant). For the elimination challenge each chef must make their specialty.
Food Of Love
Episode overview
Mar 15, 2006
For this episode the contestants have to impress Elizabeth Falkner the owner of Citizen Cake. For the elimination challenge the turn up the heat with a "Sexy Dessert" contest for a fetish party for Mistress S.
Nasty Delights
Episode overview
Mar 22, 2006
For the quickfire challenge the contestants have to cook with octopus. For the elimination round the contestants are put into two teams: Red and Blue. They have to cook monk fish specialties for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of America.
Food on the Fly
Episode overview
Mar 29, 2006
For the quickfire challenge the contestants are brought to a convenience store to buy ingredients for their dish. For the elimination round the contestants must create a delicious entree .. show full overview
Blind Confusion
Episode overview
Apr 05, 2006
For the quickfire challenge, the contestants are brought into an isolated room with many random exotic foods. They have to guess what they are with a blindfold on. For the elimination .. show full overview
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
Episode overview
Apr 12, 2006
For the quickfire challenge the contestants are put under some serious money restraints. They have to choose from ingredients that are put in front of them that are priced by the pound .. show full overview
Restaurant Wars
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2006
For the quickfire challenge the contestants must make a gourmet sandwich. The winner doesn't get immunity but a sandwich on chef Tom Colicchio's menu at his new sandwich restaurant. For .. show full overview
Wedding Bell Blues
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2006
Teams compete for the chance to cater a commitment ceremony.
Napa's Finest
Episode overview
Maj 03, 2006
The four remaining contestants cook for some of Napa Valley's most respected chefs.
Episode overview
Maj 10, 2006
Contestants reminisce about the competition.
Finale (1)
Episode overview
Maj 14, 2006
Part 1 of two. The tension boils over when the three remaining chefs journey to Las Vegas to compete in a room-service challenge. Chef Hubert Keller serves as a guest judge.
1x12 Sæsonafslutning
Finale (2)
Episode overview
Maj 24, 2006
The final two contestants compete in the last elimination round to see who will become Top Chef.

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