The Amazing Race

  • Premieret: Sep 2001
  • Afsnit: 400
  • Følgere: 2012
  • Kørende
  • CBS
  • Onsdag på 22
  • Action Adventure Family Game show Reality Travel

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Sæsoner 9
Here We Go, Baby, Off to Win a Million Bucks!
Episode overview
Feb 28, 2006
The new edition of The Amazing Race begins in Denver, Colorado, where the teams receive a clue instructing them to take one of three flights to São Paulo, Brazil. One team makes an .. show full overview
I'm Filthy and I Love It!
Episode overview
Mar 07, 2006
The teams continue racing in the second episode. "Chemistry" begins to develop. The teams face a watery Detour option.
I'm in Russia Playing with Dolls
Episode overview
Mar 14, 2006
The teams travel from their Pit Stop in Bratas, Brazil three miles to a farm, where they must travel 300' on a zipline. Some teams make it in time for the 7 A.M. opening, but others are .. show full overview
It's Not Over Until Phil Sings
Episode overview
Mar 21, 2006
The teams arrive at the mat in Russia after completing the Nesting Dolls/Trolley Wash Detour and receive a clue instructing them to fly 1,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany and then travel .. show full overview
Good Thing I Took That Human Anatomy Class in High School
Episode overview
Mar 28, 2006
The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Munich, Germany and receive a clue instructing them to fly 850 miles to a one-hundred-year-old opera house in Palermo, Italy. One team manages .. show full overview
Sleep Deprivation is Really Starting to Irritate Me
Episode overview
Apr 05, 2006
The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Tempio di Segesta and receive a clue instructing them to drive 135 miles to Catania, Sicily and find the Antiteatro, Romano. This theater .. show full overview
Herculean Effort for Some Herculean Dudes
Episode overview
Apr 12, 2006
The teams take off from their Pit Stop at the Fonte Aretusa in Sircusa, Italy and travel 350 miles by train and ferry to Rome, Italy where they search for a man on a yellow-and-red .. show full overview
Here Comes the Bedouin!
Episode overview
Apr 19, 2006
The race heads to Oman. The teams, and particularly B.J. struggle with heat in a challenge that involves digging for a clue. Ray and Yolanda argue over Ray's choice of language.
Do You Know How Much Running I Did Today, Phil?
Episode overview
Apr 26, 2006
The teams receive a clue instructing them to travel by plane over 9,000 miles to Perth, Australia. After receiving money from some of the teams (following being stripped of all cash and .. show full overview
Man, They Should Have Used Their Fake Names
Episode overview
Maj 03, 2006
The teams receive a clue instructing them to travel fifteen miles from their Pit Stop at the South Breakwater to the Silver Bells Tower. Tensions ensue when Eric and Jeremy cancel other .. show full overview
I Think This Monkey Likes Me!
Episode overview
Maj 10, 2006
The teams take off from their Pit Stop at Lake Bennett in the Australian outback and receive a clue instructing them to fly nearly 7,000 miles to Bangkok, Thailand. After a scramble for .. show full overview
9x12 Sæsonafslutning
5 Continents...10 Countries...And More than 59 Thousand Miles!
Episode overview
Maj 17, 2006
One team is ecstatic thinking they have a serious advantage when they learn the location of the next destination...a place they’ve been to and where they know the language two teams race .. show full overview

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