The Amazing Race

  • Premieret: Sep 2001
  • Afsnit: 407
  • Følgere: 2015
  • Kørende
  • CBS
  • Onsdag på 21
  • Action Adventure Family Game show Reality Travel

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Sæsoner 5
Clearly, I'm More Intelligent Than You
Episode overview
Jul 06, 2004
The teams take off from Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles. Viewers learn about a couple of interesting twists: those who finish last on non-elimination legs will be penalized and there's a .. show full overview
It Turned Ugly Just Now
Episode overview
Jul 13, 2004
The teams head to Montevideo in Uruguay, where they visit a foam discoteque and pop rubber balls to find clues. They all end up in the same ferry and feel the pressure of being bunched .. show full overview
I Got Electrocuted
Episode overview
Jul 20, 2004
The teams travel from the La Portena pit stop to San Carlos de Bariloche by plane. There, after finding the mayor, they participate in a Roadblock that involves finding one of twenty .. show full overview
Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat?
Episode overview
Jul 27, 2004
The eight teams receive a clue telling them to get from the Pit Stop to the Battleship Aurora – its guns signaled the start of the Russian Revolution.
Are You Good at Puzzles?
Episode overview
Aug 03, 2004
The teams start at the Pit Stop, Catherine’s Palace, where they’re then directed to head to St. Petersburg and find a painting in an art museum.
Why Can't We Get a Camel?
Episode overview
Aug 10, 2004
The teams continue racing in Egypt, logging more flight time as they head to the Karnak Temple. Colin and Christie find that opening times cause their large lead to evaporate, but they .. show full overview
Are You Sure This Is Safe?
Episode overview
Aug 17, 2004
The teams travel from Crocodile Island to Nairobi, Kenya, where anticipation builds at the idea of traveling to a Mystery Location. After high tension at an airport, two teams book what .. show full overview
I'm Going to Jail
Episode overview
Aug 24, 2004
The teams get in a cab race for charter flights, and Colin becomes upset when his driver takes him to the airport on a spare tire that ends up going flat. He tries to pay only half of a .. show full overview
If You're Gonna Whine, Just Shut Up!
Episode overview
Aug 31, 2004
In this leg of the race, the teams travel from Dubai to Calcutta, India. Linda and Karen find themselves facing the law this time over a cab dispute, but with a far different reason and .. show full overview
If They're Screwing the Helmet to My Head, It Can't Be Good
Episode overview
Sep 07, 2004
The teams receive a clue telling them to travel over 6,000 miles from Calcutta, India to Auckland, New Zealand. Then, they must drive an additional 220 miles to Rotorua, New Zealand.
It's Okay, Run Them Over!
Episode overview
Sep 14, 2004
The teams take off from the Pit Stop in New Zealand to the Westhaven Marina, where they face a Roadblock that involves scaling heights and then doing a controlled leap into a boat. .. show full overview
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You've Just Made Me a Millionaire
Episode overview
Sep 21, 2004
The teams set off from the Coconut Palace in Manila, Philippines, knowing that one team will be eliminated. Intense battles and struggles ensue as the teams make their way to El Nido on .. show full overview

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