The Amazing Race

  • Premieret: Sep 2001
  • Afsnit: 407
  • Følgere: 2017
  • Kørende
  • CBS
  • Onsdag på 21
  • Action Adventure Family Game show Reality Travel

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Sæsoner 6
The Game's Afoot
Episode overview
Nov 16, 2004
The teams take off from the United States to Iceland, racing to make one of three flights that connect to Iceland. Weather delays move some teams from first to last, but the teams all .. show full overview
I'm Not His Wife -- He Doesn't Need to Scream at Me
Episode overview
Nov 23, 2004
The teams travel from their Pit Stop at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland over 1,000 miles to Oslo, Norway. Once there, they travel to a ski jump where they find themselves facing a Roadblock. .. show full overview
Counting Bears Is Not Rocket Science
Episode overview
Nov 30, 2004
The teams continue to Stockholm, Sweden, but not before one is assessed a penalty for events in the previous episode. The teams make their way to an ice bar, where they must slide a shot .. show full overview
What if It Isn't Sanitary
Episode overview
Dec 07, 2004
The teams continue from Stockholm, Sweden to Africa. They first have to find a clue at a Town Hall Center Tower where some teams are embarrassed but ultimately don't lose ground after .. show full overview
Quit Following Us
Episode overview
Dec 14, 2004
The teams take off from their Pit Stop in Africa, first traveling to a slave-house where slaves were held until heading to the New World. There, a memorial to those slaves particularly .. show full overview
They Should Probably Have Some Counseling
Episode overview
Dec 21, 2004
The teams continue racing in Germany where a Roadblock has them bungee-jumping. One team-member nearly passes out from exhaustion but is okay and continues on with the race. The teams .. show full overview
Phil Is a Choo-Choo Charlie
Episode overview
Dec 28, 2004
A holiday clip show reviews the season so far and gives viewers a look at never before seen footage, including material that builds on previous scenes and completely new material.
One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half
Episode overview
Jan 04, 2005
The teams receive a clue over the Internet at the Net Klub Cafe and opening times allow Lori and Bolo to catch up.
Tell My Mom I Love Her
Episode overview
Jan 11, 2005
The teams continue from their Pit Stop in Budapest, Hungary, where they receive a clue telling them to find the area's largest wine cast. Once they find that, they travel to Ajaccio, Corsica and find the room where Napoleon was born.
Are There Instructions on Donkey Handling?
Episode overview
Jan 18, 2005
The teams continue from their Pit Stop on the island of Corsica, France to the town of Nice by ferry, where they then receive a clue telling them to get to Addis Ababa in Africa by plane.
It Always Comes Down to the Details
Episode overview
Jan 25, 2005
The teams receive a clue in Ethiopia telling them to travel by a charter flight to Addis Ababa and then make their way to a stadium. Once there, all teams take part in a four-person .. show full overview
You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate
Episode overview
Feb 01, 2005
The teams take off from their Pit Stop at a hotel near the Lion Rock, receiving a clue to fly 4,000 miles to Shang Hai, China. Once there, they make their way to Hunang Tower, where they .. show full overview
6x13 Sæsonafslutning
4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles
Episode overview
Feb 08, 2005
The teams take off from their Pit Stop and receive a clue telling them to travel by train 800 miles to Xi'an where they must then find the Drum Tower. They then take part in a Detour .. show full overview

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