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  • Estreou: Jul 1998
  • Episódios: 932
  • Seguidores: 2678
  • Classificação #289
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Temporada 15 Discuss
A New Chapter Opens - The Straw Hat Pirates Regather!
Exibido em:
Out 02, 2011
Two years have passed since the incident at Marineford, and the Straw Hat Pirates have since trained for their return. Luffy departs Ruskaina to the Sabaody Archipelago to reunite with .. show full overview
An Explosive Situation! Luffy vs Fake Luffy
Exibido em:
Out 09, 2011
Using a fake disguise provided by Hancock, Luffy and the Kuja tribe go their separate ways and he confronts the Fake Straw Hats. At Shakky's bar, Sanji thanks Duval for his efforts in .. show full overview
The Marines Move Out - The Straw Hat Crew Is Targeted
Exibido em:
Out 16, 2011
Robin finally makes it to the Thousand Sunny and reunites with Franky. The archaeologist reveals to Franky that she is the eighth person who saw Rayleigh, as Luffy has yet to appear. .. show full overview
A Gathering of Big Shots - Threat of the Fake Straw Hat Crew
Exibido em:
Out 23, 2011
At the Sabao Dome, Brook finishes his song. Meanwhile, Caribou frightens a Marine, digging a live grave with Coribou, and Fake Luffy rallies the pirates. However, the real Luffy gets .. show full overview
The Battle Begins! Show Them the Fruits of Training!
Exibido em:
Out 30, 2011
After Brook escapes from the Marines at the Sabao Dome with a Rosy Life Rider, a riot is going on in the dome. Meanwhile, Luffy is caught before the Fake Straw Hats. However, the Marines .. show full overview
The Whole Crew is Gathered - Luffy Sets Sail Towards the New World
Exibido em:
Nov 06, 2011
After Luffy and Rayleigh go their separate ways, Rayleigh draws a line to prevent the Marines from coming any further to the Straw Hats. However, Perona appears and it is revealed that a .. show full overview
A Shocking Revelation - The Man Who Protected the Sunny
Exibido em:
Nov 13, 2011
At the Sabaody Archipelago, Caribou has his men bury the Fake Straw Hats and departs to find the real Straw Hats. Rayleigh learns that Luffy's Straw Hat actually belonged to Roger when .. show full overview
Undersea Struggle - The Demon of the Deep Appears
Exibido em:
Nov 20, 2011
The Caribou Pirates attack the Straw Hats. While Caribou manages to get on the Thousand Sunny, the rest of his crew gets pulled away by Mohmoo, who gets scared when he recognises the .. show full overview
Disaster in the Deep Sea, The Straw Hat Crew Gets Lost!
Exibido em:
Nov 27, 2011
Luffy battles Kraken Sea Octopus Monster with his newly acquired Elephant Gun. Zoro helps out with his new sword technique and Sanji contributes with his new Drible Jumble. The trio .. show full overview
Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Sailing To Fishman Island
Exibido em:
Dez 04, 2011
The Flying Dutchman shows up and Vander Decken tells Wadatsumi to crush the Thousand Sunny, but then the Kraken beats Wadatsumi. The volcano erupts, and the pirates run from it. Surume .. show full overview
Landing at Fishman Island - The Lovely Mermaids
Exibido em:
Dez 11, 2011
New Fishman Pirates riding a huge Sea monster scare Surume away and gives Strawhats an ultimatum. We know where that's gonna go... Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets get Sanji all fired up; in fact, he is so happy being on Fishman Island he could die
Explosive Stimulation! Sanji's Life Crisis!
Exibido em:
Dez 18, 2011
Sanji's Life is in danger as he explodes from excitement in Robin's buzum. Fishman Pirates are still trying to capture and destroy strawhats. Luffy doesn't get to see his friend Jimbei .. show full overview
Fishman Island Collapses!? Shirley's Prediction
Exibido em:
Dez 25, 2011
Sanji gets his life saving blood. Luffy had been poisoned. Luffy and Usopp find Shirley's crystal ball. What will it reveal?
The King of Fishman Island, Sea God Neptune!
Exibido em:
Jan 08, 2012
Nami is back with the strawhats. Hody takes down Gyro’s ship and vows to go to the Fishman Island and kill it's king, Neptune.
The Ryugu Castle! Brought by the Shark They Saved
Exibido em:
Jan 15, 2012
Mermaids managed to open the barrel. Caribou is out and vengeful. Strawhats arrive at Ryugu Palace. King Neptunes gets scolded and Luffy stumbles on Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi.
A Coward and a Crybaby! The Princess in the Hard Shell Tower
Exibido em:
Jan 22, 2012
Captain of the flying pirates Vander Decken IX is determined to kidnap Princess Shirahoshi from her 10 year lockup at the Hard Shell tower. His love is of the princess is of the "Dead or .. show full overview
State of Emergency! Ryugu Palace Taken Over!
Exibido em:
Jan 29, 2012
Strawhats hold King Neptune and the entire Ryugu Palace hostage. Luffy takes Princess Shirahoshi for a ride in her Megalo shark.
Ryugu Palace Quivers! The Case of the Kidnapped Shirahoshi
Exibido em:
Fev 05, 2012
Luffy's taking of Princess Shirahoshi to the Sea Forest is mistaken for kidnapping and Straw Hats become the hunted. Fish-man Vander Decken throws humans at the gate of Ryugu Palace in .. show full overview
Hordy's Invasion! The Beginning of the Plan for Revenge!
Exibido em:
Fev 12, 2012
Hordy must dominate humans. After all, they can't even breath in the water... Ryugu Palace must be conquered. The Gateway gets open. Straw Hats as usual stand in the way.
The Ryugu Palace Fight! Zoro vs. Hody!
Exibido em:
Fev 19, 2012
Ryugu Palace is under siege by Hordy and Zoro will have his hands full.
Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Decken Close Behind!
Exibido em:
Fev 26, 2012
Warriors of Fishman Island capture Luffy, Sanji and Chopper and threaten to behead the Straw Hats. Vander Decken IX gets pummeled by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Jet Hammer. Jones is the real threat, but Zoro slashes him in confrontation.
The Crew Falls?! Hody Conquers Ryuuguu Palace
Exibido em:
Mar 04, 2012
It's a setback for Luffy and his Straw Hats. Let's see how Hordy takes the upper hand. Energy steroids may have something to do with this. About what happened with Arlong long time ago, Jinbe has a confession to make.
Revived Relations, Nami and the Fishman Pirates
Exibido em:
Mar 18, 2012
Fish Man Pirates are demanding obedience from all in their war against humans. Jinbei explains how he let Arlong go into East Blue and Nami asks that he explains why. Nami remembers how .. show full overview
The Hero Who Freed The Slaves: Tiger The Adventurer
Exibido em:
Mar 25, 2012
The two legends of Fishman Island - Queen Otohime and Tiger Fisher - carried opposing views on fishmen and humans. Jinbei tells the Strawhats how these two fates overlapped.
Kizaru Appears! A Trap Aimed At Tiger!
Exibido em:
Abr 01, 2012
The Sun Pirates set out into the surface world, where a young human slave makes a change in Tiger's way of thinking, and Kizaru, before his Admiral position, plays his part in the tale of Fisher Tiger.
Toriko x One Piece Special: Team Formation! Save Chopper!
Exibido em:
Abr 08, 2012
Toriko and Komatsu are fishing when Komatsu catches a Harusame. Luffy suddenly appears from a surprising place mouth. Chopper is sick so they head off to T-Chuka Island in search of the "Seafood Fruit"
The Hero's Last Moments! The Impact of Tiger's Truth
Exibido em:
Abr 15, 2012
The Fishman Pirates started liking little Koala. She got new dress and slowly learned to like them as well. She fit in well, but when the time came Captain of the Sun Pirates Fisher .. show full overview
The Pirates Split - Jinbe vs Arlong
Exibido em:
Abr 22, 2012
In the last One Piece episode Fisher Tiger died. Jinbei followed Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime in renewing his interest in humans as a new captain of Sun Pirates. Arlong's hatred for .. show full overview
Fishman Island is Shaking! The Landing of a Tenryubito
Exibido em:
Abr 29, 2012
Jinbei releases slaves and becomes a Shichibukai. Queen Otohime is visited by Celestial Dragon, which will take her hostage. Shirahoshi calls out to the Sea Kings and finds out why Vander Decken sleaze-bag wants to marry her.
Unexpected Disaster! An Assassin's Bullet Shuts the Future
Exibido em:
Mai 06, 2012
At the Ryugu Palace, Vander Decken proposes to marry Shirahoshi and think of a mean to make Shirahoshi age. Otohime returns to Fishman Island. She later reveals a secret to Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi.
Back to the Present! Hody Begins to Move
Exibido em:
Mai 13, 2012
Otohime is dead and with her the dream for peace with humans. Shooter is found and he is human. Hordy is standing next to him with his rifle still hot. Who killed who? Will death of .. show full overview
A Great Shock to the Kingdom - Orders to Execute Neptune!
Exibido em:
Mai 20, 2012
Hody's ambitions are broadcast to the whole of Fishman Island. It's a shocking plan to destroy Ryuuguu Kingdom and make himself the new King! The people of Fishman Island are extremely .. show full overview
A Crack Arises! Luffy vs Jinbe
Exibido em:
Mai 27, 2012
Luffy and Jinbe start their duel to see who gets to fight Hody but their fight was cut short by Sanji and Robin's inteferance. Meanwhile, Hody has ordered all his men to move out of the .. show full overview
Hody's Accident - The Evil Drug's True Power!
Exibido em:
Jun 03, 2012
The New Fishman Pirates head to the Gyoncorde Plaza to execute King Neptune but before getting at the plaza, they demonstrate a little taste of their power by terrorizing and destroying .. show full overview
The Decisive Battle Begins at Gyoncorde Plaza!
Exibido em:
Jun 10, 2012
Neptune's army launches an offensive strike against Hordy, but they are completely wiped out and Hordy goes to Conchcorde Plaza. Meanwhile, at the Fishman District, Vander Decken is .. show full overview
Shocking Confession - The Truth about Otohime's Assassination
Exibido em:
Jun 17, 2012
On their way to defeat Hordy, Jimbei, Shirahoshi and Megalo are captured by Hordy's forces. They are taken to Conchcorde Plaza just as the pirates tie up Neptune and the princes. When .. show full overview
Shirahoshi's Tears! Finally, Luffy's Appearance!
Exibido em:
Jun 24, 2012
Shirahoshi reveals that Megalo witnessed the assassination and told her about it. Hordy attacks Neptune and Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi. Shirley informs a group of children that her .. show full overview
Big Clash! Straw Hat Group VS 100 000 Opponents
Exibido em:
Jul 01, 2012
The citizens marvel and celebrate at the arrival of the Straw Hats. Jimbei reveals that he made an agreement with Luffy to become the hero of the island, as he does not want Luffy to be .. show full overview
Explosive Move! Zoro and Sanji Sally Forth!
Exibido em:
Jul 08, 2012
As Zoro and Sanji display the results of their years of training, each reminisces on the driving forces that led to their newfound skills.
First Showing! Sunny's Secret Weapons!
Exibido em:
Jul 15, 2012
Franky gathers Nami, Usopp and Chopper onto the Sunny, emerging with new battle vehicles from the now-active Docks 4 and 5!
Iron Pirate! Entry of Franky Shogun
Exibido em:
Jul 29, 2012
While Chopper takes on Daruma's underground digging. Franky combines with his vehicles in a way never witnessed before by the Strawhats... Battle-ready Franky takes an all-new form!
Noah Approaching! The Crisis of Fishman Island's Destruction!
Exibido em:
Ago 05, 2012
King Neptune watches in shock over the sight of the giant ship Noah as Fukaboshi asks whats so important about a relic of the past, but the king replies that the ship must not be damaged .. show full overview
Hurry Up, Luffy! Shirahoshi's Desperate Situation
Exibido em:
Ago 12, 2012
The main fight takes to above ground as Luffy launches himself to save Princess Shirahoshi from Van Der Dekken's ship-turned-projectile, the Noah... but he's still got to contend with .. show full overview
Beginning of the Battle! Luffy vs Hody!
Exibido em:
Ago 19, 2012
Hody Jones takes his trident out of Decken's body and after a short fight, Decken is defeated. After that, Hody goes after Shirahoshi, slicing through Ryuboshi and Manboshi and reaching .. show full overview
Battle Royal! The Group vs the New Fishman Pirates!
Exibido em:
Ago 26, 2012
Luffy along with the three princes try to protect Shirahoshi against Hody Jones, the captain of the New Fishman Pirates, focused on killing the Mermaid Princess but seems to have an .. show full overview
Luffy is Defeated!? The Hour of Hody's Revenge
Exibido em:
Set 02, 2012
As the Noah falls onto the Fishman Island, Shirahoshi desperately tries to tell Decken to wake up only for Hody to attack her but Manboshi takes the blunt of the attack. Luffy and Hody .. show full overview
Shocking Truth! Hody's True Identity!
Exibido em:
Set 09, 2012
The story goes back before the Noah started falling back to the island. Jinbe and Sanji continue to fight Wadatsumi and Wadatsumi becomes angry and inflates himself unknowingly crushing .. show full overview
To Zero! Passionate Desire to Luffy!
Exibido em:
Set 16, 2012
As Fukaboshi begins to state what Hody really is, Hody's past is revealed as he recalls his hatred towards humans, the New Fishman Pirates officers were taught as kids that the humans .. show full overview
Luffy's Whole Body Blow! Red Hawk Explosion
Exibido em:
Set 23, 2012
Brook continues to fight Zeo and reveals his new control over his Yomi Yomi no Mi abilities. Usopp continues to fight Daruma and has set traps for him. Luffy attacks Hody with a new move .. show full overview
Final Conclusion! Hody's Final Battle
Exibido em:
Set 30, 2012
Hody recovers thanks to the Energy Steroids and manages to overwhelm Luffy and bite him again in the same spot. Luffy retorts with another Red Hawk, but Hody is still standing. Chopper .. show full overview
Stop Noah! Elephant Gatling of Desperation!
Exibido em:
Out 07, 2012
All of the New Fishman Pirates lie down defeated while the Straw Hat Pirates are relaxing and waiting for Luffy. All the citizens of Fishman Island are cheering for him to destroy Noah .. show full overview
To the Future! The Path Towards the Sun!
Exibido em:
Out 14, 2012
With the Sea Kings having stopped and saved the great ship Noah, Shirahoshi learns a startling secret from the Sea Kings. Meanwhile, the missing and captured mermaids have been found but .. show full overview
Revealed Secret - The Truth of Ancient Weapons
Exibido em:
Out 21, 2012
As the whole island celebrates the capture and defeat of Hody and his comrades by the Strawhat Crew of whom make their own plans to leave Fishman Island soon while Jinbe reluctantly .. show full overview
The Crew Is Surprised! The New Marine Fleet Admiral!
Exibido em:
Out 28, 2012
King Neptune talks about the Ancient Weapons and Shirahoshi with Robin while Caribou listens and makes his way to Shirahoshi's room. Meanwhile, Luffy regroups with the rest of the crew .. show full overview
I Love Sweets! The Yonko Big Mom
Exibido em:
Nov 04, 2012
The rest of the Straw Hats are waiting for Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji to return the treasure from Caribou. They find Caribou easily with all the treasure. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji each take a .. show full overview
Grim Prospects! A Trap that Waits in the New World
Exibido em:
Nov 11, 2012
The Minister of the Right is thanking the Straw Hats for saving Fishman Island. The Minister of the Right gets a report that the Tamate Box is gone and is in the hands of Tamago and .. show full overview
Finally Setting Sail! Goodbye Fishman Island
Exibido em:
Nov 18, 2012
The mermaids and Keimi from the Mermaid Cafe ask Madam Shirley if they can say good bye to the Straw Hats. Madam Shirley says that her prediction that Luffy will destroy Fishman Island .. show full overview
To the New World! Aim for the Strongest Sea
Exibido em:
Nov 25, 2012
Heading into the New World, the Straw Hats (minus Nami and Chopper) are seen constructing something on deck. Inside, Nami is showering while Chopper asks if they'd be okay without her .. show full overview
Z's Ambition Arc - The Little Giant Lily!
Exibido em:
Dez 02, 2012
The Straw Hats find themselves in a middle of an infamous sea in the New World known for its mirages and outrageous weather patterns. After surviving the night, the Straw Hats began to .. show full overview
Z's Ambition Arc - Introduction of the Mystery of the Strongest Army Corps!
Exibido em:
Dez 09, 2012
Nami creates a plan for the Straw Hats to rescue Lily's father, Panz Fry. Chopper, Robin, Brook, and Luffy are the diversion group while Usopp, Sanji, Zoro, and Lily are in the .. show full overview
Z's Ambition Arc - A Desperate Big Escape Strategy!
Exibido em:
Dez 16, 2012
Luffy and Zoro face off against Shuzo and Momonga. The Straw Hats, Lily, and her father manage to escape with a Coup de Burst and the anchor connected to the Thousand Sunny. Shuzo .. show full overview
15x62 Final da Temporada
Z's Ambition Arc - Luffy VS Shuzo!
Exibido em:
Dez 23, 2012
Shuzo orders his men to be launched at the island like torpedoes and sacrifice themselves for him. He then attacks Panz Fry and Lily. Luffy faces off against Shuzo but starts to be .. show full overview

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