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  • Estreou: Jul 1998
  • Episódios: 932
  • Seguidores: 2682
  • Classificação #289
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Temporada 11 Discuss
Marine High Admiral Aokiji! The Threat of the Greatest Power
Exibido em:
Mar 27, 2005
The man they met, Marine High Admiral Aokiji, appears to be incredibly lazy. He first displays his Devil's Fruit ability by freezing the sea so some deserted people can get off the .. show full overview
Rubber and Ice One-On-One Fight! Luffy vs Aokiji!
Exibido em:
Mar 27, 2005
Robin is frozen by Aokiji and Luffy tells the others to escape with her. In the Going Merry, Usopp and Chopper try to thaw her in the shower. Luffy gets defeated (frozen), but his life .. show full overview
Running Sea Train! The City of Water, Water 7
Exibido em:
Abr 17, 2005
After the Going Merry narrowly escapes being hit by a "sea train", the crew meets an old woman, Kokoro, and her granddaughter, Chimney. Kokoro gives Luffy a map to Water 7. Luffy, Nami, and Usopp buy boats driven by sea monsters called "yagara".
The Adventure in the City of Water! Aim for the Giant Shipyard
Exibido em:
Abr 24, 2005
Luffy, Nami, and Usopp get strange greetings from the residents and they get to experience the roller coaster-like channels of Water 7. Luffy-tachi find out that some pirates had been .. show full overview
The Franky Family and Iceburg!
Exibido em:
Mai 01, 2005
The people who attacked Zoro reveal themselves to be the feared "Franky Family", though they're no match for Zoro. Luffy-tachi have their gold exchanged for cash. After, they meet a man .. show full overview
Galley-La Company! The Magnificent Dock #1
Exibido em:
Mai 15, 2005
Paulie makes his debut when he retrieves Usopp's stolen money as he runs from debt collectors. Kalifa shows Luffy, Nami, and Usopp around Dock No.1 and tells them how Iceburg founded the .. show full overview
The Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Pirate Ship Waits for Death!
Exibido em:
Mai 22, 2005
Luffy refuses to believe that Galley La cannot repair the Going Merry. The two soon realize that not only is Usopp missing now, the two brief cases that were returned to them are empty! .. show full overview
Rescuing a Friend! The Raid on the Franky House
Exibido em:
Jun 05, 2005
Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and Chopper follow Usopp's bloody trail to the Franky House where they find him passed out in front. The four of them challenge the Franky Family only to find out .. show full overview
Quarrel in the Moonlight! The Pirate Ship Trembles in Sadness
Exibido em:
Jun 12, 2005
Once they're back on the ship, Luffy has to finally tell Usopp that the Going Merry can no longer be repaired and that they've chosen to get a new ship without him. Usopp believes that .. show full overview
Luffy vs Usopp! The Spirit of the Clashing Men
Exibido em:
Jun 19, 2005
Usopp fights Luffy in order to decide who keeps the Going Merry; he fights harder than he's ever fought before. Luffy actually seems to pose no threat but all the while, he's remembering .. show full overview
The City of Water is Shaking! Iceburg was Targeted!
Exibido em:
Jul 03, 2005
The Strawhats get themselves a hotel room. Nami finds the crew on the roof with urgent news; Iceburg has been shot. As the Galley La Company frantically search for answers, Nami and .. show full overview
Rubberman vs Fire-Breathing Cyborg
Exibido em:
Jul 10, 2005
In the streets outside of the hospital, Luffy fights Franky. Inside, Iceburg recalls seeing Nico Robin and another tall man before he was shot. The Galley La company run outside and stop .. show full overview
The Criminals are the Straw Hat Pirates? The Bodyguards of Water 7
Exibido em:
Jul 31, 2005
The Galley La Company continues to fight Luffy and Franky is enraged that they've stolen his opponent. An incredibly high tide called the "Aqua Laguna" is coming and Chopper and Sanji .. show full overview
An Eternal Farewell? Nico Robin, The Woman Who Bears Darkness
Exibido em:
Ago 07, 2005
In a bar, Franky talks with Kokoro about her theory on who shot Iceburg. The rumors she speaks of seem to have some truth as we see Robin meeting with someone from an organization called .. show full overview
Catch Robin! The Determination of the Straw Hat Pirates
Exibido em:
Ago 14, 2005
Chopper reunites with the others without Sanji and they discuss what's happened. Luffy decides that in order to know the full truth, they must catch Robin. Usopp attempts to repair the .. show full overview
The Signal is the Explosion! CP9 Starts to Move
Exibido em:
Ago 21, 2005
The Strawhats (still missing Sanji) rush to Galley La where Robin and CP9 begin a raid. In Iceburg's room, Robin and the mysterious man Iceburg saw before, tell him that they've .. show full overview
CP9 Unmasked! Their Shocking True Faces
Exibido em:
Set 04, 2005
Robin speaks with Iceburg inside his room still. We already know that Robin can read the poneglyphs - and it seems Iceburg is the one with the blueprints to the ultimate weapon, Pluton. .. show full overview
The Secret Bond! Franky and Iceburg
Exibido em:
Set 11, 2005
Lucci tells Iceburg their hypothesis and has Kaku check his pulse to tell if the things he tells him are true. They suspect that Iceburg's friend from the past, Cutty Flam, is really .. show full overview
Come Back, Robin! The Confrontation with CP9
Exibido em:
Set 18, 2005
Luffy and the others request that Robin comes back to the crew. She refuses and tells them that she cannot accomplish her "wish" if she were to stay with them. Robin turns to leave and .. show full overview
Destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates? The Terror of the Model Leopard!
Exibido em:
Out 23, 2005
Lucci's transformation is a result of a Devil's Fruit; a Zoan Type leopard. He quickly disposes of the crew and CP9 tie up Paulie and Iceburg, leaving them alone as the building slowly .. show full overview
The Man who is Loved by his Ship! Usopp's Tears!
Exibido em:
Out 30, 2005
Usopp believes that the person who repaired the Going Merry in Skypeia was really the Going Merry itself. Franky says that the ship was inhabited by a spirit who enters ships who are .. show full overview
Franky's Past! The Day the Sea Train Ran
Exibido em:
Nov 06, 2005
The foremen discover Franky's hidden room and he fears they'll trample his memories. A long flashback ensues, covering Franky's past in Tom's Workers and how he and Iceburg helped create the Sea Train.
Spandam's Conspiracy! The Day the Sea Train Shook
Exibido em:
Nov 13, 2005
Spandam, a CP5 representative, was determined to get Tom proven guilty in his trial so he could get the blueprints. As Franky walked into the town, people from the government began to .. show full overview
The End of the Legendary Man! The Day the Sea Train Cried
Exibido em:
Nov 20, 2005
Franky said that if a ship of his were to be used as a weapon, then it's no longer one of his ships. That enraged Tom and he punched Franky for the first time, telling him he had to take .. show full overview
The Truth Behind the Betrayal! Robin's Sorrowful Decision!
Exibido em:
Nov 20, 2005
Chopper escapes the burning building with Paulie and Iceburg on his back and collapses outside. Iceburg makes it clear to Nami that Robin wanted to recover the blueprints and to do that, .. show full overview
The Steam Whistle Separates the Group! The Sea Train Begins to Run
Exibido em:
Dez 04, 2005
Paulie helps clear the name of the Strawhats but doesn't tell the mob everything he knows. He gets the mob to follow Chopper so they can search for the rest of the crew. Nami goes her .. show full overview
Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm!
Exibido em:
Dez 11, 2005
Nami and the conductors are rescued by Paulie when the Aqua Laguna floods the main station. A man hands Nami a letter he found from Sanji. It informs her that Usopp, Franky, and he are .. show full overview
The Shout of Nami's Soul! The Return of the Straw Hat!
Exibido em:
Jan 22, 2006
Nami finally reaches Luffy and tells him that he needs to hurry before Robin reaches Enies Lobby. Chopper finds Zoro and hands him the Sandai Kitetsu so he can escape the chimney. Luffy .. show full overview
Another Sea Train! Rocket Man Sortie
Exibido em:
Jan 29, 2006
Sanji fights his way through another train car and finds Usopp and Franky. Seeing how determined Luffy is to save Robin, Kokoro and Iceburg lends the Strawhat crew the use of another sea .. show full overview
Rescue our Friends! The Oath that Links the Enemies
Exibido em:
Fev 05, 2006
The Rocket Man finally makes it out to sea. As the train connects with the tracks, Luffy has to rescue Chimney before she's thrown off by the wind. In the meanwhile, Iceburg has a .. show full overview
Smash the Wave! Luffy and Zoro, The Strongest Combo!
Exibido em:
Fev 26, 2006
Luffy and Zoro perform a move that acts similar to a cannon and blasts a hole through the wall of the tidal wave ahead of them, opening up a channel for them to pass through. They .. show full overview
A Man of Mystery Appears!? His Name is Sogeking!
Exibido em:
Mar 05, 2006
Sogeking makes his grand entrance. Franky and Sanji aren't fooled by his costume but they try to humor him. They devise a plan first, then detach the last two cars and fight their way .. show full overview
Cook Confrontation! Sanji vs Ramen Kenpo
Exibido em:
Mar 12, 2006
Kalifa updates the CP9 on the situation with Franky, Sanji, and Usopp. Sanji tells Franky and Usopp to go on without him so he can fight Wanze and his "Ramen Kenpo". Franky begins to fight Nero, CP9's "Weasel", and Sogeking meets with Robin.
Duel on the Roof! Franky vs Nero!
Exibido em:
Mar 19, 2006
Franky's fight with Nero continues. Nero discovers that Franky's weak spot is his back, so Franky lies down flat so he can't get to it. Nero demands that he fight seriously, so Franky .. show full overview
Crash! Demon-Cutting Zoro vs Ship-Cutting T-Bone!
Exibido em:
Abr 02, 2006
Zoro clashes with "Ship Cutter" T-Bone. The fight is short and Zoro joins the crew again in the Rocket Man. On the Puffing Tom, Sanji beats Wanze beautiful, though Wanze thinks he's .. show full overview
Robin Struggles! Sogeking's Clever Scheme!!
Exibido em:
Abr 16, 2006
After hiding under Robin's cloak for a few episodes, Sogeking finally shows himself. They stumble into the room with the CP9 and meet with Sanji and Franky. Sogeking produces a .. show full overview
The Judiciary Island! The Full Picture of Enies Lobby!
Exibido em:
Abr 30, 2006
Robin willingly follows Blueno into his improvised door and Sogeking and Sanji are left alone. For a while, Blueno explains a little of Robin's past involving the Buster Call. Back at .. show full overview
Operation Disembarkation Commences! The Straw Hat Crew Rushes In!
Exibido em:
Mai 21, 2006
The Straw Hats and their allies are about to reach Enies Lobby. Galley-La foreman Paulie sketches the island's terrain and explains that, to save Robin, the crew must reach her before .. show full overview
Luffy Charges In! Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Island!
Exibido em:
Jun 04, 2006
Luffy easily gets past the second gate, while the Franky Family and the Galley-La foremen, following their initial plan, break the first gate's defenses. All goes smoothly at first, but .. show full overview
Battle with the Giants! Open the Second Door!
Exibido em:
Jun 11, 2006
The Galley-La foremen and the leading members of the Franky Family arrive late at the second gate because they had to mount the Franky Family's king bulls, sea dwelling animals that look .. show full overview
The Means of Escaping is Opened! Fly through the Sky, Rocketman!
Exibido em:
Jun 18, 2006
Robin and Franky are brought before Spandam, while Luffy blasts through waves of marines. The Galley-La foremen and the Franky Family eventually slip by Oimo and open the second gate. .. show full overview
Catch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hat Pirates' All-Out War
Exibido em:
Jun 25, 2006
The Straw Hats struggle to catch up with Luffy, but get caught up in impeding each other's efforts; Sanji and Zoro indulge themselves in petty bickering and Nami injures her crewmates by .. show full overview
Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!
Exibido em:
Jun 25, 2006
Spandam tells Robin that her crew has come to save her and that he, despite the agreement between her and the CP9, plans on taking them prisoner. On the main road, the Straw Hats and the .. show full overview
Give Robin Back! Luffy vs. Blueno!
Exibido em:
Jul 02, 2006
Oimo explains to Sogeking about how he and Kāshī came to support the marines—the marines told them that they arrested their bosses. The story reminds Sogeking of the giants Dorry and .. show full overview
Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack!
Exibido em:
Jul 09, 2006
Kokoro and her granddaughter Chimeney contact the Straw Hats by means of Nami's portable transponder snail phone. They inform them of Luffy's location and instruct them on how to lower .. show full overview
Luffy is in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza
Exibido em:
Jul 23, 2006
Although Gomorrah was blinded, he continues on. Sanji and Zoro crush a building in the king bull's path and the party arrives at the courthouse. On the other side of the drawbridge, .. show full overview
All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Gear Second in Motion
Exibido em:
Jul 30, 2006
The Straw Hats storm the courthouse, where the remaining members of the Franky Family fight the three-headed judge Baskerville, and, aided by Yokozuna, block the building's entrance to .. show full overview
Answer Us, Robin! The Outcries of the Straw Hat Crew!!
Exibido em:
Ago 06, 2006
Franky cannot understand why Robin refuses to be saved after Spandam broke his promise. While Luffy yells in the background, Franky decides to make Robin face him. He uses his remaining .. show full overview
Robin's Past! The Girl who was Called a Demon!
Exibido em:
Ago 13, 2006
Twenty years into the past, Robin is growing up on the island of Ohara. Her aunt, with whom she lives while her mother is away doing research, treats her poorly. Other children ostracize .. show full overview
The Fated Parent and Child! The Mother's Name is Olvia!
Exibido em:
Set 10, 2006
Saulo is shocked to learn that Robin is Nico Olvia's daughter and that he has been washed up on the shores of Ohara. Olvia, who returned to the island on a stolen navy ship, hurries to .. show full overview
Tragedy of Ohara! Fear of Buster Call!
Exibido em:
Set 24, 2006
Professor Clover is allowed to speak with one of the Elder Stars and reports of their research. He describes a civilization that existed hundreds of years ago and vanished at the time .. show full overview
Say You Want to Live! We are Comrades!!!
Exibido em:
Set 24, 2006
Saulo fights the battleships, attempting to allow Robin to escape. She tries to board the evacuation ship, but per Spandaine's orders, she is denied access. Vize-Admiral Kuzan, later .. show full overview
Jump Into the Falls! Luffy's Feelings!!
Exibido em:
Out 01, 2006
Luffy's backstory is summarized.
A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream
Exibido em:
Out 08, 2006
Zoro and Usopp's backstories are summarized.
Tears Which Weaved the Bond of Comrades! Nami's World Map
Exibido em:
Out 15, 2006
Nami's backstory is summarized.
Separation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper
Exibido em:
Out 22, 2006
The backstories of Sanji and Chopper are summarized.
All for my Comrades' Sake! The Darkness Within Robin!
Exibido em:
Out 29, 2006
The reasons for Nico Robin's recent actions as well as her backstory are summarized.
The Blueprints Aren't Passed! Franky's Decision
Exibido em:
Nov 05, 2006
Franky had hidden the blueprints for the ancient weapon Pluton within his body. He shows them to the CP9, explaining that they were only kept in existence so that an opposing force could .. show full overview
Retrieve the 5 Keys! The Straw Hat Crew vs CP9
Exibido em:
Nov 12, 2006
Unburying themselves from the rubble their entry has caused, the Straw Hats are greeted by Fukurou. He tells them that in the tower, including himself, there are five CP9 members, each .. show full overview
Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jyabura Transform
Exibido em:
Nov 19, 2006
Zoro and Kaku engage in an intense sword fight. Directly beneath them, Sogeking fails to steal a key from the sleeping CP9 assassin Jyabura. Eventually, Kaku makes use of his newly .. show full overview
Even if I Die, I Won't Kick You! Sanji's Manly Chivalry
Exibido em:
Nov 26, 2006
Their prey cuffed together, Kaku and Jyabura offer to use their keys to free them. However, neither of their keys open the locks. Chopper passes by and is sent off to obtain the correct .. show full overview
Fukurou's Miscalculation - My Cola is the Water of Life!
Exibido em:
Dez 03, 2006
Luffy attempts to cross the wild waters on the far side of the Tower of Justice. Chimeney and Gonbe arrive just in time to save him from drowning. They show him the way to the .. show full overview
Zoro's New Technique Explodes! The Katana's Name is Sogeking?
Exibido em:
Dez 10, 2006
Refreshed after having placed three full bottles of cola in his stomach compartment, Franky turns the tide in his battle with Fukurou. After breaking through a few walls, they continue .. show full overview
Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble
Exibido em:
Dez 17, 2006
Chopper's breather concludes as Kumadori frees himself from the fridge, apparently after he finished eating its contents. At first, he is fat, but he digests all the food immediately and .. show full overview
Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Reality Lottery Trouble
Exibido em:
Dez 24, 2006
In the Edo period-based alternate reality Grand Jipangu, the small girl Rika takes an ill person, whom everyone calls Tot-san (which means "father" in Japanese), to her house to nurse .. show full overview
The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle! Conspiracy of the Red Nose
Exibido em:
Jan 07, 2007
It is the seventh day of the new year in Grand Jipangu. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper are on their way to the shogun's castle, delivering a large quantity of rice cakes to be thrown from the .. show full overview
Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap
Exibido em:
Jan 14, 2007
Having taken three Rumble Balls, Chopper transforms into an oversized and purely instinct driven version of himself. Kumadori goes all out to defeat his enemy, but in the end cannot .. show full overview
The Resounding Bad News! The Buster Call is Invoked
Exibido em:
Jan 21, 2007
On the Courthouse Plaza, the marines defeat Oimo and Kāshī and capture the Straw Hats' allies in the courthouse. Almost on the Bridge of Hesitation, which leads through the Gate of .. show full overview
5 Namis? Counterattack with the Mirage!
Exibido em:
Jan 28, 2007
Lucci and Luffy begin their mutually anticipated duel, while Nami and Kalifa's fight enters the next phase. Both combatants have scouted out each other's abilities. Kalifa attempts to .. show full overview
Nami's Determination! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper!
Exibido em:
Fev 04, 2007
The fight between Nami and Kalifa climaxes. Kalifa sweeps the room with a tidal wave of power-draining bubbles to counter Nami's illusions. Barely escaping, Nami manages to prepare and .. show full overview
Hunter Sanji Appears? Elegy to the Lying Wolf
Exibido em:
Fev 11, 2007
Having pulled the once-again tiny, but now completely unconscious, Chopper out of the sea, Franky ponders on how he can cross the wild waters to reach the Bridge of Hesitation. Chimeney .. show full overview
Kick! Full Course of Sanji's Footwork
Exibido em:
Fev 25, 2007
Nami drags the wounded Sogeking from the fighting zone. As she is on the verge of going downstairs, Sogeking has an idea. Meanwhile, Sanji starts exchanging blows with Jyabura, who sends .. show full overview
The Drawn Sword's Fierce Attack! Zoro vs. Kaku Powerful Slash Showdown
Exibido em:
Mar 04, 2007
Spandam drags Robin along the Bridge of Hesitation, while beneath them, Lucci is blocking the way upstairs. Franky arrives and offers to help fight Lucci. However, Luffy insists that .. show full overview
Zoro the Fierce God! The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by His Soul
Exibido em:
Mar 11, 2007
After many failed attempts, Zoro finally cuts Kaku. Shortly afterwards, their fight climaxes, as both combatants use their ultimate techniques. The victor is Zoro. On the other side of .. show full overview
Spandam's Shock! A Hero Stands on the Tower of Justice
Exibido em:
Mar 18, 2007
Having loosened Robin's tooth grip on the bridge's rim, Spandam ties a rope around her waist and pulls her further along; during this, he constantly insults her and proudly tells her .. show full overview
Robin's Liberation! Luffy vs. Lucci: Peak of the Decisive Battle
Exibido em:
Mar 25, 2007
Freed from her sea stone handcuffs by Franky, Robin returns to her normal self. With no way back, the two decide to capture the ship Spandam had intended to use to bring Robin to the .. show full overview
The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Chase the Vanished Great Sakura Tree
Exibido em:
Abr 01, 2007
It is springtime in Grand Jipangu. One day remains until the yearly town festival, in which everyone gathers to have a picnic under the 1000-year-old sakura tree. Unfortunately, one of .. show full overview
If I Can't Win, I Can't Protect Anyone! Gear Third Activates
Exibido em:
Abr 08, 2007
The Buster Call ships have reached the island. Guns blazing, they pass the Bridge of Hesitation. At the same time, the remaining Straw Hats, Kokoro, Chimeney, and Gonbe have entered the .. show full overview
The Terrifying Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci
Exibido em:
Abr 15, 2007
Fifteen years into the past, a 13-year-old Rob Lucci, as emissary of the world government, is sent into a country at war with pirates. Five hundred of their soldiers have been taken .. show full overview
A Phantom Mermaid is Here? Within Fading Consciousness
Exibido em:
Abr 22, 2007
After fighting Lucci in Gear Third for a minute, Luffy is left to cope with the technique's side effect of his body shrinking to a fraction of its original size for around the same time. .. show full overview
The Island Sinking in Gunfire! Franky's Outcry of Regret
Exibido em:
Abr 29, 2007
Franky and Robin are throwing the last remaining marines off their commandeered convoy ship when Kokoro, in mermaid form, jumps out of the water and on board, carrying the whole group .. show full overview
Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitation!
Exibido em:
Mai 06, 2007
The fight between Luffy and Lucci is nearing its end as the CP9 assassin makes use of his most powerful technique, the Six Kings Gun. The Bridge of Hesitation is surrounded by .. show full overview
Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy's Full-Power Gatling
Exibido em:
Mai 13, 2007
While the rest of the Straw Hats struggle to hold their own against the Buster Call's fighting elite, Usopp, unmasked, cannot believe his eyes, seeing Luffy lying in the dust in front of .. show full overview
A Friend Approaches from the Sea! The Straw Hat Crew's Strongest Bonds
Exibido em:
Mai 20, 2007
Familiar voices are heard from the navy's loudspeakers. Calling in from the far side of the island, the Franky Family and Galley-La foremen are telling them that they survived and have .. show full overview
The Crew's Great Escape! The Victor's Path is for the Pirates
Exibido em:
Mai 27, 2007
The voice had come from the Straw Hats' ship, the Going Merry. Sanji is the first to go aboard. To his surprise, nobody is there. The ship had made it from Water 7 to Enies Lobby on its .. show full overview
Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow
Exibido em:
Jun 03, 2007
Enies Lobby and the Buster Call fleet are out of sight. The Straw Hats meet the Galley-La president Iceburg and his employees aboard their company ship. The Going Merry breaks apart and .. show full overview
The Disturbance of Peace! The Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love
Exibido em:
Jun 10, 2007
Two days later and back in Water 7, Franky hears that "the item" has arrived. He had used the money, which he had stolen from the Straw Hats, to buy a large piece of precious wood. Using .. show full overview
The Strongest Family Line? Luffy's Father Revealed!
Exibido em:
Jun 17, 2007
Garp is revealed to be Luffy's grandfather and is accompanied by old acquaintances of Luffy and Zoro from the beginning of their journey, Coby and Helmeppo. After giving Luffy a lecture .. show full overview
Its Name is The New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Grand Line!
Exibido em:
Jun 24, 2007
Garp takes his leave to let Luffy alone with Coby and Helmeppo so that they can chat. Afterwards, Coby thanks Luffy and Zoro for the opportunity to meet them again and promises to become .. show full overview
Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age
Exibido em:
Jul 01, 2007
A fleet of navy ships could not keep the "Red-Haired" Shanks and Whitebeard from meeting. Those unprepared to bear his presence fall unconscious to the ground as Shanks walks over the .. show full overview
The Girl Searching for the Yagara! Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis!
Exibido em:
Jul 08, 2007
Luffy and Chopper help a girl named Abi to search for her lost yagara bull, which had appeared to her in a dream. During the Aqua Laguna, her family had left their 100-year-old bull at .. show full overview
The Mother is Strong! Zoro's Slapstick Housework Help
Exibido em:
Jul 15, 2007
Zoro strolls the city in search of a replacement katana, but does not have money. There, he is picked up by Michael and Hoichael, two idle boys from the backstreets. They show him around .. show full overview
Sanji Crashes! The Mysterious Old Man and Intense Cooking
Exibido em:
Jul 22, 2007
Sanji is buying groceries in the company of Chimeney and Gonbe. For lunch, they lead him to the small floating restaurant of a drunken old man. He is asleep and not easily woken, so .. show full overview
Everyone's Finally Wanted! The Crew of Over Six Hundred Million!
Exibido em:
Ago 19, 2007
Franky, Iceburg, and the Galley-La foremen work throughout the night to build the new ship for the Straw Hats. Usopp spends the time practicing the manner in which he will convince his .. show full overview
The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion!
Exibido em:
Ago 26, 2007
When the Straw Hats arrive at the coast, Iceburg shows them the ship, but Franky cannot be found. Iceburg gives his opinion: Franky is hiding because if he were asked face to face to .. show full overview
Goodbye my Lovable Followers! Franky Departs
Exibido em:
Set 02, 2007
Luffy tells Franky that, if he wants his swimsuit back, he will have to join his crew. However, this does not persuade him. To weaken his resolve, Robin uses her ability to grab Franky's .. show full overview
Departing the Water Metropolis! Distinction of the Manly Usopp's Duel
Exibido em:
Set 09, 2007
The Straw Hats set sail, even though Usopp has not yet returned to them, because Zoro had promised that if Usopp was allowed to return without his first words being an apology, Zoro .. show full overview
The World-Wide Bounties! The Hometowns Dance as the Ship Sails Forward!
Exibido em:
Set 16, 2007
Because the crew and ship are complete again, the Straw Hats can intensify their efforts to escape. They name their new ship Thousand Sunny, and Franky goes to the engine room to .. show full overview
11x99 Final da Temporada
The Most Evil Ability! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace
Exibido em:
Set 23, 2007
Three days earlier and on an island close to Water 7, Blackbeard receives the news of the Straw Hats' devastation of Enies Lobby and decides to pursue them. However, his plans are .. show full overview

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