Wildside (AU)

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  • ABC (AU)
  • Crime Drama Mystery



Episode 1
Episode overview
Bill and Nick are slowly rebuilding their relationship—when Nick becomes a suspect in a break and enter—and is questioned about his friend Jack Reeves (Shaun Goodfellow), who he knows is .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
A mentally disturbed man is arrested after a vicious hammer attack leaves another man dead.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Bill and Charlie attend the aftermath of a bank robbery, from which the robber escaped with a hundred thousand dollars and left a trail of trauma in his wake. Back at the station, Bill .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
Bill and Charlie investigate the remains of a body buried in the foundations of a derelict house. The hands and teeth have been removed by the killer to reduce the chance of .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
Cultural tension between gangs in an inner city high school reaches boiling point when a member of the Asian gang—Bing Ling is killed. Phong Ling (Tai Nguyen)—Bing's brother, fighting .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
Kate and Charlie find themselves in conflict in the lead up to the inquest into her shooting of Gordy Gilmour. Bill acts as mediator between the two in his efforts at re-establishing the .. show full overview
Episode 7
Episode overview
Nadia brings her friend Holly to Maxine, claiming they were attacked by a man with a knife. Bill gets the whereabouts of the incident and follows it up with Charlie and Kate while Maxine .. show full overview
Episode 8
Episode overview
After a young sex worker is found strangled, Vincent finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Vince thinks he's had a night to remember. However, it quickly turns when he finds .. show full overview
Episode 9
Episode overview
McCoy, Kate and Charlie investigate the murder of the wife of a wealthy importer and the husband becomes a prime suspect.
Episode 10
Episode overview
Confusion reigns as Vince receives his blood test results—these results force him to confront his father about his background, which also unravels secrets and deceptions. This revelation .. show full overview
Episode 11
Episode overview
The Crisis Centre is invaded when Vincent's replacement arrives. She is Louise Arden (Mary Coustas), a tough, slick lawyer who appears to come from a privileged background, and in her .. show full overview
Episode 12
Episode overview
Kate puts herself in danger at a crime scene in which Louise's brother may have been involved. Meanwhile, at the Crisis Centre, Louise takes on Jasek's case. When it comes to ambition, .. show full overview
Episode 13
Episode overview
When the body of a girl is found buried in a park, a cab-driver and former client of Maxine's becomes the prime suspects. Meanwhile, Bill gets a postcard from Nick inviting him and .. show full overview
Episode 14
Episode overview
Charlie's relationship with Kate sails into some stormy waters. Meanwhile, Wilt Bolton's car yard has been broken into overnight and Wilt's $250,000 new Ferrari is missing, along with .. show full overview
Episode 15
Episode overview
Charlie is becoming increasingly frustrated because he has little to go on. The serial rapist abducts and drugs his victims, tortures them and dumps them in the park. His victims are all .. show full overview
Episode 16
Episode overview
Kate is annoyed when Charlie released Roxanne without consulting her. On her way out of the station, Roxanne sees one of her main clients—a man she calls the Silver Medallist—better .. show full overview
Episode 17
Episode overview
When a homeless man is found incinerated, Bill and Charlie investigate. The prime suspect is a patient of Maxine's, Alistair who was seen by an intoxicated witness, earlier on the night .. show full overview
Episode 18
Episode overview
A million dollars worth of cocaine goes missing in a drugs bust and Bill is under pressure to get it back. Louise is at a high point in her career and Natasha reveals that she is .. show full overview
Episode 19
Episode overview
Adi Asimovic knocks on Maxine's door in the middle of the night. His daughter Vildana has not returned home, he is frantic, hoping she is staying with Simone at Maxine's house. Realising .. show full overview
Episode 20
Episode overview
A leading heart surgeon with links to a pharmaceutical company has been executed. Bill McCoy and Charlie Coustos investigate the murder. Maxine and Louise try and save a house full of .. show full overview