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Unaired Pilot
Episode overview
Very similar to the aired pilot called Strange Love, except the actor who plays Tara Thornton in this version is Brook Kerr instead of Rutina Wesley. This version was released online around the middle of June 2008.
In Focus: Vampires in America
Episode overview
This extra has no summary.
True Blood-Lines: A New Type
Episode overview
A special featurette about the all-new HBO drama series True Blood.
True Blood-Lines: Vampire Legends
Episode overview
A special featurette about the all-new HBO drama series True Blood.
True Blood-Making of the Opening Sequence Featurette
Episode overview
A truly hand-made sequence for one of the most watched dramatic series in HBO’s history. The final edit contains over 65 shots comprised of original documentary, studio, tabletop .. show full overview
Minisode: Eric & Pam
Episode overview
Eric and Pam are trying out new dancers for Fangtasia. One in particular, Yvetta catches Eric's eye, and Pam's as well. But Eric is less than willing to share with his ancient friend.
Minisode: Jessica
Episode overview
Jessica is on the hunt in a local haunt when she is set upon by a man who begins preaching the word of God to her.
Minisode: Sookie, Tara & Lafayette
Episode overview
Sookie and Tara get into an argument on the dangers of dating a vampire when Tara wonders where Bill's money comes from. Lafayette intervenes when the argument turns heated.
Minisode: Sam
Episode overview
Sam feels the need to mark their territory by destroying "The God Who Comes".
The Vampire Report Special Edition
Episode overview
Season 2 BluRay Extras.
Minisode: Bill
Episode overview
While getting ready to meet Sookie for their date, Bill gets a visit from a jewelry saleswoman (Beth Grant) who makes an indecent proposition.
Minisode: Jason
Episode overview
Jason begs the help of Jesus, God, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Allah, Scientology and aliens.
Season 4 Sneak Peak
Episode overview
The fourth season of True Blood will contain 12 episodes: the first, titled “She’s Not There,” will air Sunday, June 26, 2011, on HBO. It will be loosely based on the fourth novel in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, Dead to the World.
The Final Touches
Episode overview
Behind the scenes tour of the post production process of True Blood
A Farewell to Bon Temps
Episode overview
Say goodbye to 'True Blood' with this behind-the-scenes special that looks at the series as it enters its 7th and final season.