Tricky Dick

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The Will to Win
Episode overview
To understand the dramatic rise and unprecedented fall of Richard Nixon, one must look to his beginnings. Raised by a family with modest means in a childhood beset by tragedy, Richard Nixon learns early to recognize opportunity where he can.
Nixon's the One
Episode overview
In a devastating defeat, Nixon loses one of the closest presidential elections in history to John F. Kennedy. Down but not out, Nixon soon runs for what should be an easily winnable .. show full overview
Storm Clouds
Episode overview
In 1969, Richard Nixon enters office after navigating one of the most greatest political comebacks of all time only to find that his survival hinges on a key promise: to end the Vietnam .. show full overview
And Then You Destroy Yourself
Episode overview
In a historic landslide, Nixon is re-elected to the Oval Office. But shortly into his second term, the cover-up of a break-in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the .. show full overview