Gentleman Jack

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Faith Is All
Episode overview
Anne Lister’s revelation that her new wife Ann Walker is moving in with her in Shibden shocks Ann’s relatives and leaves Anne's former lover Mariana devastated.
Two Jacks Don't Suit
Episode overview
In France, Ann Walker is shocked by details about Anne Lister’s complicated relationship with Mariana Lawton. Back in Halifax, Ann’s family are hatching a plot to marry her off.
Tripe All Over the Place, Presumably
Episode overview
Anne Lister throws herself into public life in Halifax but privately struggles to resist Mariana Lawton’s magnetic pull.
I'm Not the Other Woman, She Is
Episode overview
Anne Lister is drawn back into her complicated past with Mariana during a trip to Lawton Hall. Back at Shibden with her in-laws, Ann Walker receives a visitor.
A Lucky and Narrow Escape
Episode overview
Halifax is smashed to pieces by a mob hungry for political change. It’s a dangerous time to be a Tory – and a lesbian – but Anne Lister refuses to keep a low profile.
I Can Be as a Meteor in Your Life
Episode overview
In the face of a campaign to destroy their relationship, serious cracks are appearing in Anne Lister and Ann Walker’s marriage.
What's All That Got to Do with Jesus, Though?
Episode overview
Anne's plans for her Halifax empire grow grander by the day, and she ignores Parker's warnings against the spiralling financial risk. She and Ann press on with the proposal for a .. show full overview
It's Not Illegal
Episode overview
Anne refuses to introduce Ann to her society friends during a trip to London, and simmering resentments on both sides of the relationship boil over. Back in Halifax, Anne is privately .. show full overview