The Worst Witch (2017)

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Tortoise Trouble
Episode overview
It's the first day of term and Mildred is feeling positive... until she has a hand in a wing of the school falling down.
The Friendship Trap
Episode overview
Mildred and Ethel are more at odds than ever, so Miss Cackle sets a friendship trap on them, pushing them too close for comfort.
Ethel Everywhere
Episode overview
Ethel's clone spell spirals out of control.
The Extraordinary Esper Vespertilio
Episode overview
Mildred makes a stand about equality when a mysterious witch arrives in school. Miss Bat's chanting performance reveals a secret about her past. Beatrice's allergy is exposed with disastrous consequences.
Mildred's Family Tree
Episode overview
A lesson on family trees gets Mildred thinking about finding her dad. Ethel can't resist making a cruel joke at Mildred's expense. Sports Day pushes Maud to take desperate measures.
Bat Girl
Episode overview
Enid takes a practical joke too far and is threatened with expulsion. Mildred turns herself into a bat but can't remember how to turn herself back. Clarice struggles to understand the appeal of practical jokes.
Hollow Wood
Episode overview
Mildred can't understand why the girls are so scared of collecting potions ingredients in the woods until she comes face to face with an unusual creature.
Miss Cackle's Birthday
Episode overview
Maud is stressed out directing Miss Cackle's birthday show so Mildred and Enid try to help, but they accidentally turn her into a baby. Miss Cackle struggles with pressure from the Magic Council.
Miss Softbroom
Episode overview
Miss Cackle goes to meet her fate at the Magic Council and Mildred is determined to help her. The first years are unimpressed with Miss Hardbroom as acting head teacher and decide to soften her up.
A New Dawn
Episode overview
Miss Pentangle brightens the gloom at Cackle's by teaching modern witching workshops, but Mildred is determined to see Miss Cackle reinstated. Sybil finds the workshops too much and Mildred takes a risk to help Miss Cackle.
Love at First Sight
Episode overview
It's Halloween, but Mildred's more interested in meddling in Miss Bat and Mr Rowan-Webb's relationship. Her good intentions backfire when her love spell goes wrong. Sybil gets caught up in Ethel's plan to get Esmerelda back in school.
All Hallow's Eve (1)
Episode overview
Esmerelda attempts to give the powers back to the stone and Miss Cackle allows the pupils to play magical tricks on the staff without fear. The girls use the Family Trees to try and .. show full overview
The Big Freeze (2)
Episode overview
As the castle continues to freeze and hope is being lost, surprises come from every corner. Secrets are revealed and sacrifices must be made.