The Worst Witch (2017)

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Selection Day (1)
Mildred Hubble's world changes when she learns about selection day at Cackle's Academy.
Selection Day (2)
After she visits Cackle's Academy with her new witch friend Maud Spellbody, Mildred attempts to enrol by taking the magical exam.
Mildred learns that having a scaredy cat makes life at witching school tough - especially when Ethel Hallow is determined to see her fail.
New Girl
Everyone's excited at the arrival of Enid, a witch from the famous Nightshade family.
Pond Life
Mildred makes a mistake which has unfortunate consequences for Ethel.
The Great Wizard's Visit
Miss Cackle isn't herself when the Great Wizard visits, leaving her job in jeopardy.
The Best Teacher
Mildred learns not to take shortcuts when a wisdom spell goes wrong and she has to convince her class she's their new teacher.
Maud's Big Mistake
Maud's panic about parent's evening pushes her to use a forgetting powder, meanwhile Mildred wonders if her mum is a witch after all.
The First Witch
Mildred goes on a hair-raising journey while looking into her magical heritage, meanwhile Ethel thinks she's queen bee when she grows a wart.
Spelling Bee
There is more than just the Spelling Bee at stake when Miss Hardbroom's rival comes to Cackle's Academy. Meanwhile, Maud and Enid try to help Tabby to catch mice but make things much worse.
The Mists of Time
Mildred learns about Cackle's history when she and Ethel accidently slip into the Cackle's of the past.
Out of Bounds
As the end of year exams loom, Miss Cackle's secret is still weighing heavy on Mildred's mind.
The Worst Headmistress
Agatha takes over the school, and without Mildred there, who will save the day?