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Road to Tazmania
Episode overview
Taz's Uncle Drew comes to visit, and he and Hugh take Taz along on a trip to pick up some orange juice. However, only Taz seems to notice the spies that apparently want the OJ they bought.
Taz-Manian Theatre
Episode overview
Taz and Wendal are stranded on a desert island in Mr. Thickley's thrilling tale of Taz-Manian Theatre.
The Bushrats Must Be Crazy
Episode overview
The Bushrats embark on a journey to retrieve their idol of worship – Jake's rubber duck.
Return of the Road to Taz-Mania Strikes Back
Episode overview
With Taz as their caddy, Hugh and Uncle Drew head out to the golf course to play against a pair of old golfing rivals, whose own caddy is another sneaky spy that's out to get them.
Taz Like Dingo
Episode overview
Digeri Dingo finds a lamp that holds a genie. With his first wish, Dingo wishes for Taz to like him... no matter what.
The Pied Piper of Taz-Mania
Episode overview
Hotel Tazmania faces a Bushrat infestation.
The Treasure of the Burnt Sienna
Episode overview
Bushwhacker Bob drags Taz on a treasure hunt.
Not a Shadow of a Doubt
Episode overview
Taz's shadow comes to life for a day.
Nursemaid Taz
Episode overview
Dingo fakes a broken leg to get sympathy (and free food) from Taz and his family.
Home Despair
Episode overview
Taz gets the Platypus Brothers to repair the house, but they only make things worse.
Take All of Me
Episode overview
Wendal pesters Bull Gator and Axl into capturing him so that he can relish the zoo life.
Bird-Brained Beast
Episode overview
Taz and the Platypus Brothers hit the road to catch a Kee-Wee Bird.
Ready, Willing, Unable
Episode overview
Unaware of their true goal to capture Taz, Mr. Thickly lends his advice to Bull Gator and Axl.
We'll Always Have Taz-Mania
Episode overview
With the TV broken, Hugh and Jean entertains the kids with the story of how they first met.
Moments You've Missed
Episode overview
Bull Gator and Axl host a show featuring "removed" segments from previous episodes.
Episode overview
Axl is force to hunt Taz on his own when Bull Gator leaves for the Tazmania Hula-Hooping Championship Finals.
Gone with the Windbag
Episode overview
Hotel critic F.H. Leghorn has come to the Hotel Tazmania, and Bushwhacker Bob is determined to get a passing review from him.
Driving Mr. Taz
Episode overview
Taz is taken out for a driving lesson.
Mean Bear
Episode overview
The Bushrats call upon Taz to defeat a cruel bear.
Taz Museum
Episode overview
The show advertises the Boulder Museum.
Ticket Taker Taz
Episode overview
Taz wins a pair of concert tickets, which Molly wants to relieve him of.
Episode overview
The Platypus Brothers develop a cloning machine and use it on Taz, creating an army of Tasmanian Devils that are all hungry for platypus.
Mutton for Nothing
Episode overview
Taz arrives at the sheep meadow to fill in for Ralph Wolf, where Sam Sheepdog performs his usual predator-pounding job on him.
Dr. Wendal and Mr. Taz
Episode overview
Wendal Wolf mistakes a gamma-radiation chamber for a tanning booth, causing him to transform into a violent monster whenever Taz gets him upset.
Taz-Mania Confidential
Episode overview
A film crew has arrived to expose every humiliating detail of the Tasmanian Devil family, even those that they make up.
The Platypi Psonic Psensation Psimulator
Episode overview
The Platypus Brothers use their new invention to probe Taz's memories for "unused" episode segments.
The Not-So-Gladiators
Episode overview
Taz and Jean go on "Grub Gladiators" (a food-themed spoof of American Gladiators).
One Ring Taz
Episode overview
Taz wants to join the circus, so Mr. Thickly "helps" him find an act.
Retakes Not Included
Episode overview
The latest episode is rife with animation errors, and director Buddy Boar doesn't seem to grasp the concept of retakes.
Pledge Dredge
Episode overview
Taz and Francis set up competing lemonade stands in hopes of making big money.
Bushlad's Lament
Episode overview
An elderly Francis, still having not achieved his manhood, is forced to pursue an equally-elderly Taz.
Taz-Mania Comedy Institute
Episode overview
A documentary on 16-ton weights is featured.
Heartbreak Taz
Episode overview
Constance Koala develops a very one-sided infatuation with Taz.
Just Be 'Cuz
Episode overview
Francis is stuck watching his little cousin Edgar, so he takes him along on his hunt for Taz.
The Taz Story Primer
Episode overview
Molly is called on by the network to provide the plot for the week's episode.
Ask Taz
Episode overview
Everybody seems to find great wisdom in Taz's frequent line "Taz hate water", so Bushwhacker Bob exploits it as a way to make money.
It's a Taz's Life
Episode overview
Taz gets chosen by a TV host to have his life examined in retrospect.
Gee Bull!
Episode overview
Bull Gator resorts to extreme teaching methods to knock some sense into Axl.
Taz in Keeweeland
Episode overview
Taz finds himself in a world filled with Kee-Wee birds, though it proves more dangerous than it looks.
Stuck for Bucks
Episode overview
The need for immediate funds brings Taz into battle with his seemingly indestructible piggy bank.
A Philosophical Taz Moment
Episode overview
Taz contemplates nature and his enslavement for food.
The Origin of the Beginning of the Incredible Taz-Man
Episode overview
Taz takes advice from Mr. Thickley on how to become a real-life superhero.
Francis Takes a Stand
Episode overview
Taz and Francis set up competing lemonade stands in hopes of making big money.
Yet Another Road to Taz-Mania
Episode overview
Once more, Taz is stuck on a road trip with Hugh and Uncle Drew. This time, they're going bowling, and the spies are after their new bowling ball.
Bad Luck Bottlecap
Episode overview
Dingo tries to get rid of a cursed bottlecap by passing it on to Taz, but his attempts continue to backfire.
A Story with a Moral
Episode overview
An injured Taz is being nursed back to health by an overbearing (and clumsy) Scotsman.
One Saturday in Taz-Mania
Episode overview
Taz's lazy Saturday is continuously interrupted by Jake.
Platypi on Film
Episode overview
The Platypus Brothers critique their favorite movies (all of them Taz-themed parodies of famous films).