Pinky and the Brain

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Brainwashed (1): Brain, Brain, Go Away
Episode overview
Pinky and Brain are kidnapped in Washington, DC by an unknown force. Brain loses his memory and the mice are then imprisoned in a town where everyone is forced to perform the Schëerskåhøvên, which is dumbing down the entire country.
Brainwashed (2): I Am Not a Hat
Episode overview
Brain regains his memory and the mice escape. They believe Snowball is responsible for the Schmëerskåhøvên, but him imprisoned in a mental institution.
Brainwashed (3): Wash Harder
Episode overview
The mice and Snowball search for the one who spliced their DNA, Dr. Mordough, thinking he's responsible for all this. But it turns out to be his cat, Precious, and time is running out.
To Russia With Lab Mice
Episode overview
Pinky and Brain's plan to alter caviar with a mutating capsule is complicated by a Russian lab mouse.
Hickory Dickory Bonk
Episode overview
Brain plots to make every clock on Earth chime repeatedly.
The Pinky And The Brain Reunion Special
Episode overview
A special of highlights of their career is on the air, but it's really all a ruse so Pinky and Brain can hypnotize the viewers.
A Legendary Tail
Episode overview
Inspired by legends of the past, Brain tries to create a legend about himself to gain world acclaim.
Project B.R.A.I.N.
Episode overview
How Acme Labs became home to Pinky and Brain.
Star Warners
Episode overview
In the series finale of Pinky and the Brain, the Brain, and the characters from Animaniacs develop a Star Wars spoof.