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Moosage in a Bottle
The Warners discover a bottle and find a message from lawyers in it.
Back in Style
Warner Brothers Studio is losing money because the movies of one of its stars Tab Boo are complete failures. In order to make money, Thaddeus Plotz loans the Warners out to other cartoon shows.
Bones in the Body
The Warners sit around the campfire and sing about the bones in the body. The get a little help from Skullhead Bonyhands.
Wakko is being chased by something terrifying behind the camera.
Dot - The Macadamia Nut
Dot and the rest of the Animaniacs sing and dance to a song that is a parody of the Los del Rio and Bayside Boys song "Macarena".
Bully for Skippy
Skippy is forced to deal with a bully at school at the same time as Slappy faces an advocate against cartoon violence.
Cute First (Ask Questions Later)
Snow White ask the mirror on the wall, who's the cutest of them all and its answer is Dot. Now she's trying to make Dot uncute so she will be the cutest.
In a parody of the long running hit TV show "Friends," the Warner siblings meet and try to befriend six Friend-like character knock-offs.
Here Comes Attila
The Warners sing a song about Attila the Hun and his assault upon Europe.
Boo Wonder
In this parody of Batman and Robin, Chicken Boo pretends to be the Boo Wonder.
Hooray for North Hollywood (1)
The Warners write a script for a movie, which is turned down by Mr. Plotz.
Hooray for North Hollywood (2)
After the Warners' movie becomes a huge hit, Mr. Plotz finds himself sinking deeper and deeper after being let go by his studio.
The Carpool
The Warners ride in a carpool with three businessman.
Sunshine Squirrels
Slappy and Skippy work on a new comedy sketch with one of Skippy's old rivals.
The Christmas Tree
Slappy ends up pestering everyone when her tree becomes the Christmas tree for New York City's Rockefeller Center.
Punchline - Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Punchline host Ted Foppel tries to get to the bottom of the question of why did the chicken cross the road.
Punchline - The Chicken or the Egg?
Punchline host Ted Foppel tries to get to the bottom of the question of what came first the Chicken or the Egg.
Katie KaBoom: Prom Night
Katie KaBoom has been asked to go to the prom. But when her parents refuse to buy her the clothes she needs, she gets angry.
The Brain's Apprentice
In this all musical parody of the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment of Fantasia, Pinky must stop a machine from making small robots that seek world domination.
Magic Time
Warners volunteer for a magic show and screw up the performance of two magicians.
The Scoring Session
The cast of Animaniacs does a recording of the music for the show and gives the replacement conductor a hard time.
Star Warners
In this parody of Star Wars, the Animaniacs play rebels who are attempting to get away from the evil and dangerous Girth Plotz.
The Animaniacs Suite
This short features a look back at previous episodes of Animaniacs set to music.
Birds on a Wire
The Goodfeathers discuss the wind and argue about the direction from which is coming.