The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries

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This is the Kitty
Episode overview
Granny narrates and is a souvenir volunteer at the city zoo while Sylvester is trying to pursue Tweety who lets a Jack Webb-like detective and animals get in his way. You can see .. show full overview
Eye for an Aye Aye
Episode overview
In Madagascar, Granny and the gang are in a souvenir shop and discovers Captain Kidd's missing treasure map and they go treasure-hunting for it while Yosemite Sam and his lemur crew try to get it for themselves.
When Harry Met Salieri
Episode overview
In Vienna, Austria, Granny, Sylvester and Tweety investigate ghosts that are stealing the sound of music.
The Early Woim Gets the Boid
Episode overview
While in Seoul, Korea, Granny's old friend, Mr. Kim who owns a silk factory, discovers his worms are disappearing and only has one more left and Granny leaves Sylvester to watch it so nothing happens.
Blackboard Jumble
Episode overview
Sylvester and Hector face against each other in a battle of blackboard brouhaha.
What's the Frequency, Kitty?
Episode overview
Sylvester runs from an overly-friendly ghost named Spooky in a mansion.
Dial V for Veterinarian
Episode overview
Granny takes her pets to the veterinarian.
California's Crusty Bronze
Episode overview
A restaurant in Los Angeles is under threat, so Granny tries to solve who is ruining the restaurant's reputation.
The Tail End
Episode overview
Scientists at the Manx Institute have developed a Manx mouse -- and it's missing! Everyone suspects Sylvester. Can Granny solve the case?
This is the End
Episode overview
Sylvester finally eats Tweety. How will this effect the show? Well, apparently, this means no more episodes!