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Somebody's Watching
Episode overview
After a fire chief's wife's burned body is discovered, an autopsy reveals she died from a gunshot wound to the head, and the arson investigation turns into a hunt for her killer.
Terror in Philadelphia
Episode overview
In 1998, a gifted Philadelphia graduate student is found murdered in her bed, triggering a hunt for her killer.
Gone in 90 Seconds
Episode overview
When an 11-year-old Arizona girl vanishes while waiting for an ice cream truck, it's clear she's been abducted; the search for her leads to a trail of suspects, making it the largest missing child investigation in Arizona history.
Fallen Angels
Episode overview
A 12-year-old girl goes missing on her way to school in Oregon City, Ore.; the police investigation offers little in the way of leads, then a second girl disappears.
Mystery in the Swamp
Episode overview
The morning of his anniversary, Mike Williams goes duck hunting. When he fails to return home that afternoon, an all-out search commences. But it's only the beginning of a sordid mystery that will take close to 20 years to solve.
Murder Among Friends
Episode overview
In the summer of 1980, a popular teen goes for a run around her hometown in Maine. Days later, her savagely beaten body is found. But what happened remains a mystery for years, until her mother intervenes and forces police to reexamine the case.
Gone Girls
Episode overview
When three women from three different decades meet their death or go missing under mysterious circumstances, authorities are forced to examine the one thing they had in common: they all fell in love with the same man.
Fatal Family Secrets
Episode overview
A celebratory night turns deadly for a Texas family when they are gunned down at home. When investigators uncover a conspiracy, it will test one man's ability to forgive as he fights to save the criminal mastermind from the death penalty.
Murder on Newberry St.
Episode overview
In York, Pa., race riots claim the lives of an African-American mother and a young, white police officer; their deaths are largely forgotten until 30 years later when their cold cases are reopened, revealing the city's dark past.
The Unicorn Killer
Episode overview
In Philadelphia, police make a horrific discovery 18 months after a woman goes missing; the police pursue the woman's killer, but he always manages to stay one step ahead of the law.
Children of Thunder
Episode overview
In the summer of 2000, bags full of body parts start appearing all over the San Francisco Bay Area; investigators follow the trail of grisly clues to a secret cult carrying out a sinister scheme.
Monster in the Desert
Episode overview
In 1992, a 19-year-old woman is brutally assaulted outside of Desert Hot Springs, Calif.; miraculously, she escapes but lives in constant fear that her assailant will find her again one day, not realizing she has survived a serial killer.
The Sound of Silence
Episode overview
Gallaudet University is the premier college for the deaf in the United States, but this haven of higher learning is turned upside down after two students are murdered in their dormitory rooms.
Burned Alive
Episode overview
On a Mississippi back road, a 19-year-old woman is set on fire and left to burn alive; her last words lead detectives down a road of dead ends and the case goes cold until a special agent taps into her location data and finds a suspect.
Who Killed Jane Doe 59?
Episode overview
In 1969, a woman is found murdered in Los Angeles, but her identity is a mystery; for decades, police investigate hoping to put a name to the face and find her killer; the one lead that comes up over and over leads them to Charles Manson.