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Golden State Killer
Episode overview
In the 1970s a serial rapist is on the loose in northern California; then, as his reign of terror over the community wanes, police discover he isn't just a serial rapist, he's a serial murderer and he's been killing people all over California.
Where Is Baby DeOrr?
Episode overview
A young couple's toddler vanishes while the family is enjoying an impromptu camping trip in Leadore, Idaho; investigators and private detectives work around the clock to find the missing boy, only to come back to his parents.
Shallow Grave
Episode overview
When a young family vanishes from their Southern California dream home, friends and family are left with dozens of unanswered questions; authorities suspect they fled the country, until an unlikely source uncovers the truth.
Connecticut Horror Story
Episode overview
One summer night in 2007, the Petit family is woken up by two strangers in their quiet Connecticut home; suddenly, these four family members find themselves being held hostage and in a fight for their lives.
Once Bitten
Episode overview
Sherri Rasmussen and John Ruetten are enjoying newlywed life until one morning when Sherri calls into work sick; that night, John returns home to find his wife murdered; years later, detectives discover Sherri's killer was too close for comfort.
Murder at Sea
Episode overview
A premiere fishing boat explodes into flames just off shore, stunning the small fishing town of Craig, Alaska; after fighting the flames, state troopers discover the remains of a young family and few clues as to could have set the ship blaze.
Marked for Murder
Episode overview
In Florida, friends and family are stunned after an esteemed criminal law professor is executed in his garage; investigators follow a series of leads taking them on a statewide hunt in search of the murderous masterminds.
Killing Field
Episode overview
After a young couple goes missing, detectives find a clue leading them to a strange storage container in the middle of 95 acres, and what's inside unlocks the secrets of a monster hiding in plain sight.
Blood In the Sand
Episode overview
In 1984, the body of a 14-year-old girl turns up on the beach in San Diego and police think it relates to the murder of another teen; a clue yields an unbelievable suspect.
My Father, the Serial Killer
Episode overview
In 1980, Tim Hack and Kelly Drew go missing from a small Wisconsin town, then their bodies are found in a field; a woman comes forward nearly 40 years later to help solve the so-called "Sweetheart Murders'' of Hack and Drew.
Alaskan Temptress
Episode overview
Shock sweeps through a Washington community when a suburban mother gets arrested for a murder from a decade earlier in Alaska; details of a seedy and sordid past emerge.
Death Before Dawn
Episode overview
Police investigate the shooting of millionaires Brad and Andra Sachs in their home in 2014 and track a series of clues in a chase to find the couple's killer.