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The Top 22
22 brand new contestants are introduced as they begin their dream to become Australia's next MasterChef.
Protein Pick Face Off Challenge
The female contestants battle it out against the male contestants in a Protein Pick Face Off. The bottom six will go in to the first elimination challenge to take place tomorrow.
Elimination Challenge 1
In the first elimination, the contestants with the worst six dishes from last night's Protein Pick Face Off face an Invention Test with a twist. At the end of the show one of them is eliminated.
Masterclass 1
For the first time ever, there is a twist featuring a studio audience member.
Barossa Boot Camp Day 1: Break Down a Lamb
The girls-versus-boys themed challenge continues and they find themselves in the picturesque Barossa Valley instead of the Masterchef kitchen.
Barossa Boot Camp Day 2: Maggie Beer Tag Team Race
The second day at the Barossa Boot Camp sees the contestants at the farm of food legend Maggie Beer where each team has to create four Maggie Beer recipes.
Barossa Boot Camp Day 3: Seafood at Seppeltsfield Winery
The contestants are challenged at the Seppeltsfield winery in the Barossa, where they meet three seafood champions who show off their skills.
Barossa Boot Camp Day 4: Double Elimination Challenge
The boys versus girls Barossa Boot Camp reaches it's conclusion and it is also the final day for two MasterChef contestants.
Masterclass 2
The Barossa Boot Camp comes to an end with a MasterClass featuring great local produce and two of its favourite residents, Maggie Beer and William Wood.
Kids Week Day 1: Lunch Box
It's Kids Week and the first challenge sees the contestants having 60 minutes to make the best dish they can using the ingredients that are found in a school lunch box.
Kids Week Day 2: Immunity Challenge
It is the first Immunity Challenge of the current series and the judges inform the contestants that they have access to the pantry but there is a catch.
Kids Week Day 3: Tuck Shop Challenge
The contestants make their way to Penleigh and Essendon High School where Gary introduces two very special guests who were previous students at the school. The challenge today sees the contestants having to feed 450 starving pupils.
Kids Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge
The losing team from the Tuck Shop Challenge faces elimination today. The challenge takes part in two parts which will leave the contestants scared.
Masterclass 3
Masterchef Australia: Masterclass 3 Tonight's MasterClass sees the contestants being joined by Stephanie Alexander and along with Matt Preston, they make a spinach & potato torte.
Italian Week Day 1: Public Stall Challenge
It's Italian Week and the remaining contestants are split into four teams and given a dish to create and sell to the public from a stall.
Italian Week Day 2: Elimination - Memory Dish
The contestants are given 60 minutes to make a dish from memory. The contestant with the worst dish will be eliminated from the competition.
Italian Week Day 3: Battle of the Pizza
The 18 remaining contestants are put into two teams for a supreme Battle of the Pizzas. Each of the teams needs to come up with a menu of four pizzas to feed 150 hungry diners.
Italian Week Day 4: Elimination
The team that lost yesterday's pizzeria challenge battle it out in the kitchen but there ends up being a twist.
Masterclass 4
Antonio Carluccio creates Handkerchief pasta with Ligurian Pesto whilst Gary shows how to make the perfect carbonara.
Wild West Week Day 1: Catch of the Day
The top 15 find themselves having to to on Wild West Week in Western Australia. They are in Fremantle where they are divided into two teams. They head offshore to catch their own dinner.
Wild West Week Day 2: Immunity Twist
The team which won yesterday’s Wild West Challenge battle are out for immunity tonight, or so they believe. After they show up at the Guillaume bistro there is a twist in the challenge.
Wild West Week Day 3: Stockmen Challenge
The contestants travel to Kylagh Station in York where they have to create lunch for 20 hungry stockmen and women on limited supplies.
Wild West Week Day 4: Elimination - The Green House
During the the Wild West Week elimination challenge, three contestants battle it out at Matt Stone’s restaurant, The Green House.
Masterclass 5
In tonight’s MasterClass, Brendan Pratt cooks slow roasted lamb shoulder with croquettes.
Heaven and Hell Week Day 1: Mystery Box
This week's Mystery box challenge pushes the remaining 14 contestants to their limits.
Heaven and Hell Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
Four contestants face the elimination challenge and are joined Ian Curley. The two of them who create the two worst dishes then have to battle it out in round two and one of them will be eliminated from the competition.
Heaven and Hell Week Day 3: Seven Deadly Sins Banquet
The remaining hopefuls are divided into two teams, and they have to prepare a banquet for 70 diners using ingredients that represent the different Seven Deadly Sins.
Heaven and Hell Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge 2
The losing team from the Seven Deadly Sins challenge battle it out to try and save themselves from elimination.
Masterclass 6
Paul Wilson creates a traditional Mexican mole with lamb cutlets. The judges pit their skills against one another in creating a chocolate mousse.
Fast Food Week Day 1: Mystery Box
Fast Food Week gets underway and in the mystery box challenge the twelve remaining contestants are split in four teams, each having to create their own creation of the burger, fried .. show full overview
Fast Food Week Day 2: Auction Elimination
The elimination challenge sees the contestants having to bid against each other for the items they want to cook with in an auction, and instead of money, they’ll bid with minutes.
Fast Food Week Day 3: Car Club Team Challenge
The remaining contestants travel to Red Hill Estate on the Mornington Peninsula where they have to create club sandwiches for 50 car club fans.
Fast Food Week Day 4: Elmination Challenge
Daniel Wilson offers his 'perfect hotdog'. The contestants facing elimination have to recreate the hotdog and David will join the judges to decide who will be eliminated.
Masterclass 7
Gary attempts to prove that fast food can be healthy as he creates Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with peanut dipping sauce.
Immunity Week Day 1: Skills Test and Yin & Yang Challenge
Only 10 hopefuls remain in the running and with an immunity pin up for grabs, the tension in the kitchen is running high.
Immunity Week Day 2: Identical Dishes
The pairs in the immunity challenge are given free rein to create whatever they like but they must make two identical dishes
Immunity Week Day 3: Black Forest Ice-Cream Cake Relay
The remaining pairs in the immunity challenge have to recreate Nick Palumbo’s black forest ice-cream cake, in a relay style event.
Immunity Week Day 4: Butter Invention Test
With just four pairs left vying for an elimination pin and in an invention test each couple has to create a sweet and a savoury dish.
Masterclass 8
Matt goes back to basics as he creates a homemade tartare sauce. Gary uses some fresh local produce to create a dish for some local lifesavers.
Love Week Day 1: Mystery Box Challenge
Love week gets underway and starts with a mystery box challenge. The remaining hopefuls get to fill their own boxes with ingredients of their choice but there is a twist!
Love Week Day 2: Chocolate Elimination
The ingredient in this week's pressure test is chocolate. The bottom three from yesterday's challenge have to recreate Kirsten Tibballs’ louros cake.
Love Week Day 3: 50 First Dates
The top 10 are split into two teams and given the challenge of creating a main dish and a dessert for 25 couples.
Love Week Day 4: Breakfast Elimination
The five contestants facing elimination this weekhave to create their own breakfast dish and then serve it in just an hour to 100 hungry customers.
Masterclass 9
Kirsten Tibballs shows how to make an indulgent chocolate dessert perfect perfect for sharing. Gary creates a gorgeous dessert to tempt your loved one.
Heston Blumenthal Week Day 1: Royal Jubilee Trifle
The judges are joined by Heston Blumenthal and the contestants have two hours to recreate Heston’s royal jubilee trifle as they battle it out to win immunity.
Heston Blumenthal Week Day 2: Cook Against Heston Immunity
The three winning contestants are given just 90 minutes to cook either an entrée, main or dessert while Heston has to cook all three courses in the same time. There is a twist in the challenge though.
Heston Blumenthal Week Day 3: Medieval Knights Feast
The teams have two and a half hours to create a Heston-esque medieval feast for ten noble knights and the judges.
Heston Blumenthal Week Day 4: Elimination Challenge
The contestants from the losing team batle it out in today’s elimination challenge.
Masterclass 10
Heston offers a masterclass on how to create perfect scrambled eggs. He also creates a roasted leg of lamb with anchovies and rosemary and demonstrates how to carve for maximum flavour.
World Food Week Day 1: VIP Banquet
The remaining eight contestants are flown to Dubai and split into four teams of two the contestants to face a challenge that sees them shop in the local Souk Markets and then create a banquet to 36 VIP's.
World Food Week Day 2: Palms Hotel Elimination
The 6 losing contestants from yesterday’s challenge are put in charge of the Ossiano kitchen at The Palms Hotel Atlantis, where they have to create dinner for 50 VIP Atlantis guests as well as Ossiano Vice President, Mark Patten.
World Food Week Day 3: Mexico or China
The contestants are split into two teams and have to create a lunchtime menu for city based office workers in Melbourne composed of dishes from either Mexico or China.
World Food Week Day 4: Qantas World Map of Food
The contestants find themselves standing in front of the Qantas World Map of Food. They then have to create dishes from various regions of the world.
Masterclass 11
The two lucky contestants who won Sunday night’s challenge are flown first class to Paris where Matt Preston shows them some of his favourite places to eat.
Dreams Week Day 1: Service Challenge
The seven remaining contestants begin to realise that their food dreams are a real possibility. The service challenge sees them having to create dinner for some very surprise guests.
Dreams Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
Those facing elimination need to create cook a plate of food that demonstrates their food dream.
Dreams Week Day 3: Josie Bones
The final six contestants pay a visit to Josie Bones, a restaurant owned by Chris Badenoch, who was a former Masterchef contestant. They are split into teams and have to create three .. show full overview
Dreams Week Day 4: Darren's Raspberry Rhubarb Ginger Chocolate Dessert.
The contestants facing elimination have to try and replicate Darren Purchase’s, raspberry rhubarb ginger chocolate dessert.
Masterclass 12
Annie Smithers and John Reid are with the top five contestants & the judges, to create some great regional country produce.
Finals Week Day 1: Mystery Box
The latest mystery box challenge sees the contestants being given 10 ingredients, five chosen by the contestants and the other five chosen by the judges. They then have just sixty minutes to create a delicious meal.
Finals Week Day 2: Elimination Challenge
The five contestants are matched with a chef that has a style and expertise to match their culinary ambitions in the latest elimination challenge.
Finals Week Day 3: The Atlantic Service Challenge
The four hopefuls left in the running arrive at Donovan Cooke’s restaurant, The Atlantic. Each of them have to create a two course meal chosen by Donovan for some VIP Atlantic customers.
Finals Week Day 4: Culinary Dueling
The hopefuls battle it out in a culinary duel over three different rounds. In eachround, they have just thirty minutes and an open pantry to try and come up with their winning dishes. At the end of the show there is another elimination.
Masterclass 13
All of the contestants from this year's competition return to take part in the last Masterclass of the season. The tables are turned though as they set a mystery box challenge for George and Gary.
The finalists battle it out to secure the $100,000 cash prize, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a cookbook deal with New Holland and access to Australia’s best kitchens.