MasterChef Canada

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MasterChef Canada Invitational
The judges personally invite 18 of Canada’s best home cooks to audition for a white apron and a chance at winning the 'MasterChef Canada' title.
Home Cooks, Your Roots Are Showing
The home cooks face their first Mystery Box Challenge, and a meaty Elimination Challenge puts some of them in jeopardy.
Top Hats and Tails
The remaining home cooks face their first Team Challenge as they prepare a Caribbean meal for 121 wedding guests.
Tastes Like Teen Spirit
This week’s Mystery Box presents a blast from the past and at least one home cook’s journey comes to a spicy end.
School Lunch!
The home cooks go back to school to compete in the biggest Team Challenge in MasterChef Canada history.
Risk and Reward
This episode has no summary.
Knife Fight!
This episode has no summary.
Into the Fire
The home cooks compete in a trying Restaurant Takeover team challenge, and then some have to prepare the judges’ breakfasts to escape elimination.
Wheel of Fruit
The home cooks are presented with a giant Mystery Box offering up a taste of home. Then, the Elimination Challenge causes the cooks to take a chance on tropical flavors when they spin a wheel to determine the fate of their dish.
Gifts From the Earth
The Top 4 home cooks travel to the Canadian Canoe Museum for a team challenge, and Indigenous guest chefs join the judges in tasting the teams' menus. Then, the losing team fights it out in the most challenging Pressure Test to date.
Fire and Ice
Special guest, Olympic ice dancer Tessa Virtue, joins the judges for a fiery Mystery Box challenge.
Final Showdown
After weeks of grueling challenges, the final two home cooks face off in a culinary battle for the title of MasterChef Canada, proving their skill and growth in a three-hour, three-course cook.