Licence to Kill

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Deadly God Complex
Episode overview
A Dallas spine surgeon's God complex puts patients at risk. It's up to fellow medical staff to blow the whistle before more innocent people are victimized.
Dying for a Cure
Episode overview
After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, families turn to a doctor who offers hope and an unorthodox cure. But, they soon learn that the trusted physician may have actually had a hand in their loved one's demise.
Lethal Injections
Episode overview
An alarming spike in ICU patient deaths prompts a head nurse to investigate the cause. After examining charts recorded by the hospital staff, her findings send shockwaves through the small Indiana town.
Deadly Dialysis
Episode overview
Dialysis patients' weekly treatments go from routine to fatal without explanation. Police shut down the Lufkin, TX, facility to investigate what, or who, may have turned lethal.
Killing Everything
Episode overview
After an orderly is arrested for killing a patient at a Cincinnati hospital, a local reporter gets a tip that leads him to uncover new information about a string of horrifying deaths.
Homicidal Homecare
Episode overview
A beloved grandfather vanishes out of the blue. Strange activity in his financial records leads detectives on a chase from California to Mexico, where they reach a devastating conclusion.
Murder by Syringe
Episode overview
A Glendale, CA, hospital worker confesses to suffocating dozens of his patients. Investigators fear he’ll walk free because doctors believe the victims died of natural causes.