Forensic Files II

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The Maidenwater Murder
Episode overview
A true-crime enthusiast may help crack a missing persons case in Ohio.
Men In Black
Episode overview
An upscale apparel store in Bethesda, Md., is the site of a gruesome scene when an employee is killed and her co-worker is battered and tied up, but surveillance video and blood evidence shed further light on the crime.
Lil Miss Murder
Episode overview
Eight days after she had disappeared on her way to a family ski trip, an 18-year-old young woman's partially nude body is found floating in a river in Wyoming, Years later, DNA technology uncovers dark secrets that led to her demise.
Killer Alibi
Episode overview
Victim: Raveesh Kumra Perp: DeAngelo Austin, Javier Garcia, Marcellous Drummer, Katrina Fritz California police are baffled when an innocent man's DNA is found at the scene of a deadly home invasion. Authorities team with the man's defence attorney.
The Scent of Death
Episode overview
A young Colorado mother suddenly vanishes on Thanksgiving, but when police trace her cell phone, it leads them to a surprising character with an even more surprising story.
Murder Mark
Episode overview
A young mother is found murdered in her home and there are two suspects with ample motive, but an unusual interview and security camera footage have investigators puzzled.
The Murder Irons
Episode overview
After the discovery of the brutal murder of an 18-year-old desk clerk of a beachfront condo, analysts use brand-new mitochondrial DNA technology to prove the killer's identity.
The True Bugs
Episode overview
July Fourth weekend leads to tragedy for a California family; to catch a killer, detectives utilize an unorthodox technique -- analyzing bug fragments -- to help put a murderer behind bars.
Murder on Helium Road
Episode overview
A Texas love triangle turns deadly, and it appears to be an open-and-shut case until technology tells the tale.
The Burn Test
Episode overview
A 33-year-old West Virginia husband and father seemingly dies in an accidental house fire; a closer look at the scene reveals a more sinister case.
Broken Santa
Episode overview
A family mourns the unexpected death of a beloved grandmother at Christmas, and while local police assure everyone that she was the victim of a tragic accident and that there is no foul play, some things about the scene don't add up.
Desperate Stakes
Episode overview
When the 20-year-old clerk of an Atlanta-area smoke shop is gunned down during a robbery, investigators have only descriptions of the killers and the make of their getaway car; investigators use a videotaped confession to smoke out the killers.