Kal Penn Approves This Message

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Kal Penn Approves Our Democracy
Episode overview
Kal Penn celebrates the ways that young voters have already changed the world, and equips them with the essential tools to make their voices more impactful than ever in this election.
Kal Penn Approves Education
Episode overview
The world has changed, and so have higher education options. While exploring issues such as income inequality, jobs and student debt, Kal takes a look at life after high school, and the interrelated value of different paths.
Kal Penn Approves Judges
Episode overview
Judges should be at the top of every voter’s mind this November. Kal discusses the extraordinary power of both federal and state judges and why the most important positions at stake in this election may not physically appear on the ballot.
Kal Penn Approves Healthcare
Episode overview
Does the government have an obligation to provide its citizens with universal healthcare? Kal looks at our current healthcare system, the policies that brought it into place, and the ways in which it can be improved.
Kal Penn Approves the Environment
Episode overview
Young people all over the world have come together to take on the climate crisis. Kal spends time with young Americans from all ends of the political spectrum to look at how age may be a greater dividing factor than political affiliation.
Kal Penn Approves Voting
Episode overview
In the finale, Kal draws on lessons from each previous episode in a final push to make sure voting is as easy as possible. Kal encourages viewers to make their voices heard and get out and vote!