She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

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A Normal Amount of Rage
Episode overview
Jen Walters’s world is turned upside down after a freak accident leaves her with superpowers.
Superhuman Law
Episode overview
Jen is hired at a prestigious law firm but must practice as She-Hulk and rep a complicated client.
The People vs. Emil Blonsky
Episode overview
She-Hulk represents Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination, but his parole hearing doesn’t go as planned.
Is This Not Real Magic?
Episode overview
She-Hulk’s new client Wong is suing a magician for unauthorized use of the Mystic Arts.
Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans
Episode overview
She-Hulk discovers Titania owns the name “She-Hulk” and is suing her for trademark infringement.
Just Jen
Episode overview
Jen is a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, a stressful event compounded by uniquely She-Hulk issues.
The Retreat
Episode overview
Jen visits Blonsky’s wellness retreat, meets new friends and gets in touch with her inner She-Hulk.
Ribbit and Rip it
Episode overview
She-Hulk represents Leap-Frog who was injured due to a malfunction in his custom-made super suit.
Whose Show is This?
Episode overview
Jen finds herself in trouble with the law and struggles to pick up the pieces of her life.