How the States Got Their Shapes

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A River Runs Through It
Episode overview
How has water has literally shaped the States? There's surprising history hidden in the blue, squiggly lines on the map. Did the founding fathers make a mistake along the Georgia .. show full overview
The Great Plains, Trains and Automobiles
Episode overview
The history of transportation is hidden in the lines of the map. From canals to trains and cars, how did getting around help draw the American map? Could Chicago have been in Wisconsin? .. show full overview
Force of Nature
Episode overview
How have massive geological events helped create the American map? Long before the Founding Fathers drew the map, mother nature shaped some states. How did an asteroid create the border .. show full overview
State of Rebellion
Episode overview
How did the most rebellious states took shape? How did they earn their outsized features and outspoken reputations. For instance, why does Montana looks like it took a bite out of Idaho? .. show full overview
Living On The Edge
Episode overview
Mysterious or fringe areas and how they shaped the states are examined. States include Nevada; Florida; Missouri; and Georgia.
Use it or Lose It
Episode overview
The role of politics is examined. States include Ohio; and Missouri. Also: Washington, D.C.
Church and States
Episode overview
The influence of religion is considered. States include Utah; and Kansas; and New England states.
A Boom with A View
Episode overview
The influences of money and prosperity are examined. States include Wisconsin; North Carolina; and North Dakota.
Culture Clash
Episode overview
Conflict can sometimes arise between different cultures that share the same state. Find out how culture clashes all over the country have shaped our map.
Mouthing Off
Episode overview
We all live in the same country, so why do we sound do different? It's a matter of where you are on the map. Why didn't the southern accent exist until after the Civil War? How did .. show full overview