Warehouse 13

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Endless Terror
Episode overview
When Paracelsus takes control of Warehouse 13, it proves to only be the first step in his plan to recreate the entire world in his image. To stop him, Pete and Myka must follow him back .. show full overview
Secret Services
Episode overview
Myka and Pete encounter two secret service agents that force them to question their own relationship, while Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister.
A Faire to Remember
Episode overview
Pete and Steve search for an artifact that makes a horseless chariot and a life-size chess piece come to life; Claudia combines artifacts in a desperate attempt to revive her sister.
Savage Seduction
Episode overview
Pete, Myka and Artie help Pete's ex-girlfriend track an object that sucks them all into a Telenovela.
Cangku Shisi
Episode overview
Valda tries to move the warehouse to China and use Claudia's comatose sister as a puppet caretaker.
Episode overview
The team struggles with the news that Warehouse 13 will be moving to a new host country.