Extended Family

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Episode overview
Jim, a recently divorced dad, has a mishap with his daughter's beloved pet goldfish and must begrudgingly seek the help of his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, deepening the bonds of their still-shaping, unconventional co-parenting arrangement.
The Consequences of Making Yourself at Home
Episode overview
When Trey spends his first night at The Nest, he discovers evidence that Jim and Julia once had a more adventurous relationship than he imagined and he must erase it.
The Consequences of Gaming
Episode overview
Julia's concern over Jimmy's obsession with a violent video game leads to surprising disciplinary measures.
The Consequences of Sushi
Episode overview
For Grace's birthday, Trey gets a reservation at the best sushi restaurant in Boston, upending the annual family tradition of dinner at a red sauce joint and inadvertently hurting Jim's feelings.
The Consequences of Matchmaking
Episode overview
Julia, craving more personal time with fiancé Trey and hoping to create more space for their burgeoning relationship, takes it upon herself to find a new girlfriend for Jim.
The Consequences of Status
Episode overview
When Trey's high profile gets him out of a speeding ticket, Julia and Jim worry about the message it sends to their children, causing Trey to try to get another ticket on purpose.
The Consequences of Sleepovers
Episode overview
Trey is in charge of The Nest for an evening. But when Grace asks to have a friend over, Jim abandons his plans to help navigate the unpredictability of sleepovers.
The Consequences of Loaning Your Dad Money
Episode overview
Jim advises a player on the Celtics to take one of his recent losses less personally, sparking a controversy that forces the Kearney clan to confront their spiritual beliefs.
The Consequences of Helping People
Episode overview
Julia helps get Jim out of a jam by lying and conniving to get his friend's kid into an exclusive private school, but there are unforeseen consequences to her dishonesty.
The Consequences of Familial Obligations
Episode overview
When Jimmy Jr.'s annual Pinewood Derby is moved to the same night as Grace's last father-daughter dance, Jim finds himself suddenly having to choose between his two children.
The Consequences of Writing Things Down
Episode overview
When Jim embellishes his yoga abilities to impress a woman, Julia must step in to save him from looking like a fool.
The Consequences of Being Irish
Episode overview
When Jim learns of Trey's St. Patrick's Day fundraiser plans, he offers his expertise in an effort to save Trey and the Celtics from embarrassment.
The Consequences of Considering the Consequences
Episode overview
Hoping to confirm their compatibility, Julia and Trey ask Jim to give them pre-marital counseling, believing him to be the most knowledgeable guy for the job.