Young Sheldon

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A Wiener Schnitzel and Underwear in a Tree
Episode overview
News of the tornado reaches Sheldon and Mary in Germany. Also, with the Cooper house in chaos, Missy steps up.
A Roulette Wheel and a Piano Playing Dog
Episode overview
Sheldon realizes he is the weakest student in his class; Meemaw is looking to expand her gambling business.
A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy
Episode overview
Sheldon explores Germany behind Mary's back, Missy attempts to pull a fast one on George Sr. and Meemaw and Dale adjust to living together.
Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker
Episode overview
Missy steps up, Mary has a surprise for George, and Sheldon finds his dorm occupied.
A Frankenstein's Monster and a Crazy Church Guy
Episode overview
Sheldon helps his roommate try to beat the stock market, Missy and Billy Sparks throw a party, and Mary finds a new church.
Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning
Episode overview
Georgie and Mandy's wedding plans pit Mary against Mandy's mom, Audrey, with baby CeeCee caught in the middle
A Proper Wedding and Skeletons in the Closet
Episode overview
Georgie and Mandy get married! Meanwhile, Meemaw’s gambling room gets raided.
An Ankle Monitor and a Big Plastic Crap House
Episode overview
Sheldon studies to be Meemaw’s lawyer when she is put on house arrest, and the Coopers have a plumbing emergency.
A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby
Episode overview
Sheldon’s published paper leads to a frenzy of grad school recruiting, and Georgie tries to speak more properly in front of his daughter.
Community Service and the Key to a Happy Marriage
Episode overview
Meemaw gets assigned a tough probation officer, and Georgie takes marriage advice from his father-in-law.
A Little Snip and Teaching Old Dogs
Episode overview
George Sr. is worried that Mary wants another baby and gets a vasectomy behind her back. Meanwhile, Drs. Linkletter and Sturgis go to Sheldon for science tutoring.
A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture
Episode overview
George Sr. gets an exciting job offer, and Sheldon prepares for his move to California.
Funeral (1)
Episode overview
Sheldon leaves East Texas for the California Institute of Technology following the death of his father, George Cooper Sr.
Memoir (2)
Episode overview
Young Sheldon ends its seven-year run with a must-see two-episode series finale; Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik reprise their roles as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in an unforgettable hour of television.